Surreal . . . I am now an author

I just cannot believe but it is true… When I saw my book on GoodReads, it seemed surreal. But I really thank God for the talent of words manipulation that He gave. Praise God for my book. When Fate Speaks Big Time really tackles Christian romance. So, the praying + waiting =  answered prayer equation was evident in every pages.

The book also tackles the number one decay to our society, discrimination. It also discusses how the relationship of the protagonists with their Creator made them strong. My main idea of introducing my difference to the world to help the world understand us more is one of my advocacy. Cerebral Palsy Awareness is what i am pushing here.

The book also features the IT world, how they or we work on every projects.

My goal of helping World Vision Philippines to uphold their advocacy through my works is one of my realized goals 2014.

To purchase my EBook:


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