to Inay

I grew up with Inay… i know i know… i grew up with a thankful strong will because of her. she was my guide… she was my light… she was everything… i may not be the perfect grand daughter for her, but i know i made her happy when i stayed with her during her grief. i was tasked to be with her and i enrolled when i was 5 in a learning center near our place… she never left me since then… although i hid my crushes to her (hahaha) i guess she knew all about it.

I was with her… me, her sibs and her mom… we are inseparable… I remember one time when i was in HS, i wrote diaries… i guess she read it LOL

it has been almost 31 years… she is 74 i guess. but the undying love is always there…

I love you Inay!


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