Racquel: Happy at 31 Part 1

Bucket List

  1. Quality time with God
  2. Music Ministry commitment renewal
  3. Attend Seminars
  4. Attend Online writing classes
  5. Participate in a Medical Mission during summer
  6. Finish the BUQOYA FTMTF novel
  7. Release an eBook on buqo
  8. Have a printed book by this year
  9. Start a book series. Book 1 on August.
  10. Eat more Because a happy tummy will create happy stories. LOL
  11. Start reviewing books.
  12. Help co-Filipino authors.
  13. Post-Birthday Charity Drive (Depends on the eBook sales) by April or May
  14. Start a World Vision PH Novel
  15. Learn more about self-publishing, writing stories
  16. Try different literary genres

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