Hash tag SSTF: My BuqoYA Journey Part 2

I downloaded the first three eBooks for feels . . . I finished just one ebook though. i watched movies din… it really helped me. (Endless gratitude to our facilitator, Ms. Mina). So, I started my writing and drafted the first two chapters. but afterwards i changed the prologue. the first prologue was the birth of my MC(Main Character) . . . I changed it when I received the Jan 28 lesson


Jan 28: I remember that i even splitted the chapter 2 into two because i thought it was so long.

Chapters 1 to 9 . . . Building the friendship so these chapters happened in June. I don’t know what got into me to dwell my story on the first month of school.

I was smiling the whole time reading the lesson on


The exercise was to observe on people on a resto or cafe, which i normally do when i am out somewhere with my friends or family. so i was smiling all the time on how Ms. Mina explained what we could do to create scenes without dialogue…

my favorite lessons were:

buqo6   buqo7

The Chemistry lesson was one of my favorites because it dictates the tempo of the lovers’ journey.  I also enjoyed how Ms. Katski Flores presented how to have the KILIG Factor.  And the Conflict lesson which dictates whether the MC and LI will have a happily ever after or a tragic dramatic closure.

I was skeptic before to grab the opportunity of having a beta reader but i grabbed it and contacted Ms. Kaith. She was so nice, accommodating and honest.  She helped me improved my story. 🙂

And now, i am currently editing my story 🙂 grabe… i am so overwhelmed with the reaction of my beta-reader/book doctor/new friend? i hope 🙂 (waved at Ms. Kaith)


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