BuqoYA Seminar today


very thankful for Buqo in sponsoring this class. well, i nearly gave up this morning.  but God really wanted me there so we arrived at merely 1pm. we were the early birds… summit media people was very accommodating.  while waiting, we were entertained by NBDB. they helped authors so i signed up. A man in black showed up to arrange what we need like coffee, food… he was holding a light brown paperbag. am i that observant LOL made a research about the marketing team so he is John. (stalking tendencies on?) ahaha so we waited until we almost filled the room. i saw Ines Yao, Anne Plaza, and Kristel Villar. i wanted to talk to them sana but i am too shy to do that. not to mention the overwhelming feeling. So, we waited for Ms. Mina. and the butterflies suddenly tickled my stomach… when i saw her, my jaw almost dropped. really… in awe… so she began the talk.

she discussed a lot of things… like what not to do when it comes to covers… when is the deadline . . . q&a came to pass and there she introduce her intern. until she introduce another marketing team member, maxin. she’s so pretty… 🙂

So we were told a lot of things… and the other authors shared their experience in writing. while me… just listening LOL

Just wanna take this opportunity to thank BUQO and  for opening their doors to us… writers/ aspiring and established.

Ready for another class this april. BUt i have to 1. edit for my final manuscript. 2. Kulitin si mico (my cover designer) 3. send out copies to my beta readers. 4. be fab and be in love LOL (yeah right)

A big shout out to my editor/betareaders: Ms. Kaith, Kat Limbaga, Christine and Kristel, and Aileen… Thank you very much!

To lawyers and future lawyers who help me with this project: Yens, Marvin, and Mikay! Thank you for inspiring me to create a part of you in my story.

Thank you to Inay and Christine for supporting me by accompanying me love you!

I love you all!! and to my inspiration (naks) thank you for always supporting the endeavors 🙂 YAY


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