Perfect time for love

Decisions have to be made… and it was so hard…. but I think fate can take a backseat and let career take over this time… love can wait… True love waits… and God’s timing is perfect…

The perfect man for me . . . well, he will come soon . . .  when i am truly ready to trust . . . ready to risk . . . ready to be with him without a doubtful mind . . . He will surely knock at the doorstep of my heart . . . He will not stole my heart but take care of it . . . he will not hurt my feelings but restore my perspective towards men . . . He will just be the man I prayed . . . A man of integrity . . . a man of God . . . He will just be there to support my endeavor as an aspiring writer . . . I am hopeful he will come when my hope has been overshadowed with my fears . . .  fears of being alone, unwanted, unloved . . . He will definitely assured me of a future with him even though it meant hardships, judgments, and struggles . . . He will just be there to kiss me in the forehead and said, “It is okay . . . you will be heard.”

He is a dream for now . . .  but soon we will have an ever after . . . The hope that i will gain favor and have my reconciliation to love very soon . . ..


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