Join the #BuqoYA Blog Tour

Join us in promoting our books. Thanks dawn!

Dawn Lanuza

It’s happening!

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The stories we’ve produced from our online writing class are being bundled up in 5 collections – and Oops! I Read A Book Again is organizing the blog tour!

Here’s a full list of the stories included in each bundle:

BuqoYA 1: Taking Chances (April 27 – May 1, 2015)

Whether looking for closure, proving their worth, or wondering what happens after a moonlit night, the characters from these stories will invite you to take a chance for love. Will they find what they’re looking for? Or will their hearts get broken? Step into their shoes and find out.

1. A Portrait of Jade by Justine Camacho-Tajonera
2. Second Sight to Forever by Racquel Sarah A. Castro
3. After the Moment by Six de los Reyes
4. When a KISS Falls by Kaye Dee
5. Loving You All My Life by Rafael P. Pascual
6. Never Too…

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