A week full of good news

Good news . . . after good news . . . well, let me start by thanking the Lord. Thank you Father God.

  1. Sunday – I attended the YA ministry’s Prayer Meeting
  2. Sunday – Happy Bday Kokai and RA! We enjoyed the palabok and kutsinta koks. Thanks, RA. for the unli drinks LOL
  3. Monday – “Have the burden to share the gospel” – Kim. I am moved by this. I think God tests my faith. and i have done a great job i guess
  4. Tuesday –  I was asked by BUQO’s good looking marketing guy, Sir John about my address. And that was for the BUQOYA contract! weeeeee.
  5. Tuesday – I was writing for #SPARKNA when  i tuned in to RX 93.1. I sent a message to DJ Tom and he replied…. Not once . . . not twice . . . but thrice! spell kilig LOL Yes i am a fangirl! Not just that . . . he greeted me on air (MUSTA NAMAN YUN)
  6. Today – I started Chapter 3.
  7. Today – Read this: #buqoYA 2015 <<< CLICK HERE this is an article by my bundle sister, Justine for the buqo blog.

Keep it coming Lord! Keep the blessngs coming!

Heart Heart

Racquel Sarah A. Castro


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