God is good…


Yesterday, we launched our BUQOYA ebook Bundles at the NBDB’s (National Book Development Board) Book Fair at Greenfield Central Park, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong.

My family has been super supportive to the said event. I was with Mom, Dad, and Inay. Christine arrived long before the excerpts’ reading. Pipo and Bip joined the family after their Saturday date. While Mama Len, Papa Bernie, and Erico arrived while I was with other authors . . .  bonding.

I hugged everyone as we became close on TWITTER. LOL Twitter bonding really helps us be comfortable with each other.

I bonded with Anne, Lianna, Kristel V., Raffy, Jen and Jayen at a restaurant near the event’s place. And there we met Basillo LOL

Well, the excerpts reading began around 7:45pm. After the introduction of Ms. Justine, she introduced our mentor, the beautiful Ms. Mina Esguerra. With her adorable daughter who will be a dancing diva someday, She explained about BuqoYA, the 5-week crash course and the products, OUR BUQOYA BUNDLES!

Six was very nervous but she pulled off the excerpts reading of my story, Second Sight to Forever, before she read hers. (thank you girl! i miss you already)

Then comes three more readers… Krissy for BUQOYA2, Anne for BUQOYA3, and Kristel for BUQOYA 4.

buqoYA Excerpts Reading
Excepts Reading (Photo by Justine)

We enjoyed cheering for them.

Me and My Parents Heart heart
Me with mom and Inay
Me and Mom

Other photos from my new friends:

(Photo by Fay)
(by Fay again)
(Photo by Anne)


Team TC Freebies

Team Taking Chances Freebies (photo by Kaye)

Team TC
Team Taking Chances L to R: Raffy, Jen, Racq, Six, Kaye, and Ms. Justine (Photo by Justine)

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