Family Summer Getaway Pangasinan-Baguio-La Trinidad

I Visited

Happy 27th Anniversary Mama Lelen and Papa Bernie! Heart Heart

Day 0

PH First Tour coordinator JAM and driver Daniel arrived at 1:00am yata. They have to wait for our sponsor and wedding anniv’s celebrants.

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2a.m. – We left Dux with the two doggies 😦 Dux. my dear brother cannot join us because of work. we traveled from Laguna to Pangasinan. And me, just sleeping.

Day 1

We arrived at Pangasinan merely 6am and we had breakfast at . . . Jollibee! LOL (Note: No difference between the menus here in laguna LOL)

The family’s adventure began when we arrived at a station where we need to ride in a boat to experience the HUNDRED ISLANDS.

I prayed thanking God as the boat got off the shore and traveled to each island. From an alligator form to the turtle form islands, we enjoyed the breeze of fresh air while admiring the creation of God. I am amazed how God has molded each island.

(Photo from Pipo’s Facebook)
(Photo from Pipo’s Facebook)
Father God, Thank you for this paradise

Island Hopping:

we saw a store in the first island

11203126_10153219631093150_7740451208025694705_n 11196347_10153219631508150_3620988253513925080_n 11140392_10153219631458150_1199179169993287845_n 11119301_10153219630913150_8457370519563786020_n 10995572_10153219630883150_6299678129774707124_n

(Photo from Pipo’s Facebook)
Enjoying the view… Thank you for the rock umbrella, Father God! (Photo from Pipo’s Facebook)
(Photo from Pipo’s Facebook)
(Photo from Pipo’s Facebook)
(Photo from Pipo’s Facebook)
(Photo from Kristel's Instagram)
A restaurant inside a cave? Only in Pangasinan. They offer the best seafood dishes and scrumptious Pancit (Photo from Kristel’s Instagram)
(Photo from Pipo's Facebook)
MOm and Dad(Photo from Pipo’s Facebook)

After Pangasinan, we traveled to Baguio City and had dinner there. I have to say that I enjoyed my first night with Baguio’s natural aircon 🙂

Day 2

we all woke up with smiles on our faces. We greeted my aunt, Mama Lelen and her husband, Papa Bernie a happy 27th wedding anniversary before having breakfast.

Day 3

we said our goodbye to Baguio And hello to La trinidad, Benguet.

after La trinidad’s Strawberry farm, we found ourselves on our way to La Presa! Mama Lelen requested it and PH First generously made it possible. 🙂 ANG LAYO PERO SULIT. we have to trek just to get there. Thanks to Pipo and Ate ianthe for assisting me and inay.

Photo from pipo's facebook
Photo from pipo’s facebook
Photo from pipo’s facebook
Photo from pipo’s facebook
Agnes and Xander? (Photo from pipo’s facebook)
Hello Bonita Rose! (Photo from pipo’s facebook)
Tamad naman ni Bonita Rose (Photo from pipo’s facebook)
Dada and KenKen Forevermore (Photo from pipo’s facebook)
(Photo from pipo’s facebook)
(Photo from pipo’s facebook)

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