#SPARKNA Still running towards the finish line

I joined #SPARKNA because i have a goal to fulfill. That is to have a printed book this year. I have been struggling what i wanted to write. I drafted several titles and scrapped it out because i have self doubt at my capabilities as a writer.

I know i am still a baby when it comes to my writing career is concern. But this infant will never stop learning.

I have been this close of giving up until God prompted me to write about a second-in-line prince who  met a weird woman with a fascination on hair accessories. I am happy with what I conceptualized. But I am doubting for the title. i have to change it twice but up until now, i am planning to change it. LOL

In doubt, God will always finds a way of reassuring me that His plans are better than mine.

I know I am making a different path as long as my career is concern, but this is where God wants me to be.

I have to say that this is my best novel ever… so watch out for the heat level 0 – steamy scenes. as i am growing as a writer of romance, i am learning from the best.

I will be finishing my last 5 chapters! yey! Time to work 🙂

I will be forever grateful to Ms. Mina and BUQO for opening the first door of opportunity. Thank you!

I have to work now. Chapter 14!

Let’s be brave, SparkNA Classmates! Let’s be brave!


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