SparkNA: My Answered Prayer

I set a goal of having one print book this year. When I saw the SPARKNA sign up sheet, i immediately signed up. I was really looking forward to make this goal a reality. Though the finished manuscript will be screened, i am really hopeful that it will pass and be a book eventually. I am really positive because God is really with me.

I conceptualized more than 4 stories for the SparkNA Novel. I started with the BDE(Best-Day-Ever) Concept and threw it on trash. I also started a HYLY (Hate-You-Love-You) concept and already have my 1,200-word chapter 1, but not working. Until i find myself writing an OOML (Out-Of-My-League) concept. I was so glad it worked.

I experienced doubts . . . hating my story one time. But I guess it was the best story i have ever written. (well, except the first)

I cannot believe I can finish it with 22 major revisions on the outline and 11 title changes. Now, I can see the finish line but  I am still running . . . and hope it will end out with what God has planned.

I really want to thank Ms. Mina V. Esguerra for opening windows and doors for us, aspiring writers. Thank you for the patience especially when it comes to my email of inquiries. (LOL)

I want to thank SPARK BOOKS and Anvil for this chance.

A big shout out to my family, my friends, my ministries(YA and Music), my beta-readers, my editor (Ms. Kaith) and to BUQO (i will forever be grateful to you).

Please do pray for me as i submit this novel to SPARK Books for evaluation this JUNE 4. Let go and Let God.

Lastly, I want to give honor and praises to God who is guiding me all the way! Thank You, Jesus!

Heart Heart

Racquel Sarah A. Castro



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