Fries-Nuggets-Ice Cream Party for Rei: A Successful Impromptu Bridal Shower

I read a group chat for Rei’s Bridal shower yesterday after church. I was about to travel to San Pablo for the Bday Celebration of my cousin’s son. I replied and smiled. It was my first bridal shower anyways. LOL.

After the Bday party, we arrived home almost 6 PM. I ate dinner before I went to MCDO-Southwoods and met the gorgeous ladies. We planned what we were going to do there. We were supposed to occupy seats at the second floor of MCDO but it was awkward to be in public saying our wishes to the bride. Shae contacted Mark, (NO Violation na for me ha) LOL. and the groom was so generous to offer his home for our bridal shower. Ate Chin sent text msgs to Ate Jackie. we requested for ice cream! they all bought their fave MCdo delicacies, Chicken nuggets(bride’s fave) and BFF fries.

When we arrived at the groom’s home, we surprised the bride.  we set up the food while Kokai started the BS Rules for the night! Every violation would be counted.

Sitting L to R: Cheska, Shae, Darling, Tin Standing L to R: Kokai, Ate Chin, Me, REI (The Bride), Kim, Reubyn

Rules: (Amin na lang yun) LOL

Afterwards, Ate Jackie arrived with Omi. We became conscious not to violate the rules. Marci also arrived  with Ram and Paolo. There is one game. Group charades. They were group into 2 groups. while i was so firm  not to join LOL.

Cheche arrived and violated four times agad.  The last two woman standing that haven’t violated any rules was Marci and Tin ❤ The plan to trap them… LOL

We proceeded to a q and a portion. The hashtag hugot! and ended everything with a prayer.



Photo From Darling's Facebook Page
Photo From Shae's Instagram
Photo From Shae’s Instagram


So excited to blog for the wedding this Friday

Heart Heart Mark and Rei

-Ate Yayie


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