Princess in Yellow Ribbon: My SparkNA Novella

I have been busy this past 2 months because I decided to learn again. With many title changes and outline revisions, I made a 30,000-word novella. By the grace of God, I submitted the manuscript ahead of  time; June 1 to be exact. It felt good seeing your name besides famous Filipino Authors. From being a fan of Ines Yao and Addie Lynn Co, I am now part of their world! weeeeee! plus training by one of the most loved Filipino Authors, Mina V. Esguerra, I could not ask for more!

Just want to thank my beta-reader and editor, Ms. Kaith, for always supporting me!

And to my ever reliable sister, Tin, who is my before-submitting editor. Thank you! LOL

To my best friend, Andrea,Thank you for the ideas!

To my Mommy. Suggesting titles that will work or not. Thank you!

To my family, friends from JCRBCC, AMACC-Binan, EVV, GVA etc. i ask you to join me in prayer for the 31 submitted novellas! Let us ask God to bless Anvil so that they would consider all 🙂 ayeee His will be done!

Here is the list of SPARKNA Novellas with our mentor’s update! Click here

and to my Father God, thank You for this talent You have given me. May the people know You better through my novels! ❤

Heart heart

Racquel Sarah A. Castro


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