When I am not writing . . .

    • I read contemporary/NA/YA romance novels. to fill my kilig tank!
    • Because I am a foodie, I eat my favorite foods (Burger, McNuggets, Stick-O, mango and chocolate ice cream)
    • I am a programmer and a web designer . . .

  • I am a music minister . . . No I don’t sing . . . i wish I can someday. Maybe at my wedding, they will allow that . . . or else they will not eat. haha
  • I am a YA minster . . . Singles from JCRBCC
  • I am a  researcher too 🙂
  • I am a math tutor. Yes I love math! Trigonometry is my favorite branch! Just had our tutorial session last June
  • I am a cerebral palsy awareness advocate. And I fulfilled my calling and will fulfill.
  • I am a World Vision online liker and sharer for now 🙂 But I will support WV PH soon.
  • Together with my family, i am a ground volunteer for an organization based in Dubai, UAE.
  • A frustrated Book Reviewer 😛 I cannot be a critique. I like to encourage 🙂
  • An Ate to my sibs (A quiet one?)
  • A daughter
  • A grand daughter
  • A frustrated singer (I can do that while I am in the bathroom)
  • A Blogger of course 🙂
  • A Chatter? (Yeah)
  • First time camper: Camp Nano
  • A Learner

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