Basics Global: A Blessing for PH

Basics Global is a non-profit organization based in Dubai, UAE. Their website,, talks more about what they do.

Basics Global was founded in the U.A.E. in 2009  by Lisa Kingsley a British expat who has resided in the Middle East for more than 8 years.  First concentrating on the Middle East predominantly in the U.A.E. the dedicated volunteers have been involved in supporting many causes, from domestic workers who have fled their employers, providing supplies to hard working labourers assisting in critical medical cases and fundraising for special needs children ,

Basics Global now assists communities all over the world and is dedicated to working with those who are impacted by disasters and unrest.  This is made possible through dedicated volunteers and financial supporters

Lisa and my mom met in Dubai, UAE. They became friends since then. Our family are so privilege to be the ground volunteers for the Philippines.

Projects with Basics Global

Give Share Love 1

Recipients: Victims of Typhoon Frank in Binan, Laguna

We distributed relief packs to Malaban and Dela Paz Binan Laguna.

One of the thank you cards from a recipient’s kid (Photo from Basics Global’s Facebook Page)
Selfie! (Photo by Christine and Kristel)
A heart breaking scene (Photo from Basics Global)

Give Share Love 2 – Basics Global has been so generous to send another batch of goods. Recipients: Landayan, San Pedro Laguna and Dela Paz Binan Laguna.

(Photo from Basics Global)
(Photo from Basics Global)
The Volunteers (Photo from Basics Global)
Distribution at Dela Paz Binan Laguna (Photo from Basics Global)

Finding Cinderella -Aldo UAE donated ladies’ shoes to Basics global. Basics Global gave us pairs of Aldo Shoes that we distributed to ladies who can fit the available sizes.

Finding Cinderella
(Photo from Basics Global)

Boots For Juan – Aldo UAE donated Aldo Boots that we distributed to tricycle drivers, farmers, rescue teams, public market vendors and other people who needs it.

(Photo by Basics Global)
(Photo by Basics Global)
(Photo from Basics Global)
(Photo from Basics Global)

Current Projects

Socks for tots: Bounce UAE donated socks that we gave to children in Pampanga, Laguna, Davao, Las Pinas and Bulacan.

(Photo from Basics Global)
(Photo from Basics Global)
(Photo from Basics Global)
(Photo from Basics Global)
(Photo from Basics Global)
(Photo from Basics Global)

ICare: EyeQ Opticals in UAE has the heart of providing reading glasses for free. We are currently searching for optometrists who can volunteer for free.

(Photo from Basics Global)
(Photo from Basics Global)
(Photo from Basics Global)
(Photo from Basics Global)

You can like Basics Global’s Facebook Page here

Follow them on Instagram @basicsglobal

Take a look at their current projects here


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