A meaningful #MIBF2015

The 36th Manila International Book Fair will start tomorrow up to Sunday! buqo, the Philippines leading online bookstore, launches a different project called A Book for an Ebook.

Ariel Lim blogged about it and cited the mechanics:

You donate a book and get an eBook in exchange. It’s that simple!

To join #ABookForAnEBook, all you have to do is drop by our booth at the MIBF, leave your book(s), and get your eBook(s).

The donated books will be given to a chosen library (we have identified certain libraries and will finalize before MIBF starts).

And to show our appreciation, we will be giving an eBook bundle in exchange for every book you donate. You will have 19 bundles to choose from. These bundles all came from the workshops we sponsored.

  1. #buqosteamyreads – 5 bundles.
  2. #buqoYA – 5 bundles.
  3. #JustWritePH – 5 bundles.
  4. #StrangeLit – 4 bundles.

To read more of Ariel’s article, click here

These are the 19 bundles that you can get from donating book(s):


  • Sizzling: #buqosteamyreads Volume 1
  • Seduction: #buqosteamyreads Volume 2
  • Passion: #buqosteamyreads Volume 3
  • Hot & Bothered: #buqosteamyreads Volume 4
  • Wedding Night Stand: #buqosteamreads Volume 5


  • buqoYA 1 – Taking Chances
  • buqoYA 2 – Sweet Complications
  • buqoYA 3 – Finding Fairytales
  • buqoYA 4 – Heart Choices
  • buqoYA 5 – Perfect Moments


  • #JustWritePH – For Redemption
  • #JustWritePH – For The Win
  • #JustWritePH – For Love
  • #JustWritePH – For Justice
  • #JustWritePH – For The Feels


  • #strangelit bundle 1
  • #strangelit bundle 2
  • #strangelit bundle 3
  • #strangelit bundle 4



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