My First Manila International Book Fair

I want to thank Mama Lelen (my aunt, mom’s sister) and her husband, Papa Bernie for bringing me and Inay to MIBF. (Yehey!) I arrived there at 10am (yata). Donated 3 books for the #ABookForAnEbook project! Mama Lelen and Inay left me after we roamed the world of bookshelves and books! I can hear the books calling me. But I have limited cash available so I stayed with Ariel, Yeyet and Jesse. Mina dropped by and when she saw me, she immediately asked, “Where is the family?”

I asked Jesse to have a selfie with us using my iPad while waiting for Niki. We enjoyed Ariel’s company. Right Yeyet? Right Jesse?

With Yeyet and Jesse, we have bonded and they have been so nice to me. I will treasure it guys! ahaha Drama!

We met several talented authors like Krissy (Wee! We finally met again), Six (I miss this girl), Tara (Finally!), Mina (Yey),  Anne (Yay! I miss this girl too) .  Aside from Ariel, I met Maxin and John (Madaya ahaha) again.

Nice to meet you beautiful authors! (Grabbed from Krissy’s Facebook) L T R: Anne, Six, Me, Yeyet, Krissy, Ariel and Maxin

Niki arrived around 11 or 12 and we took our first group bundle picture!

Team For Redemption. Yeyet, Jesse and Niki looked great here! Niki is so sweet to drop by. (Grabbed from Yeyet’s Instagram) L T R: Me, Yeyet, Niki and Jesse

My family dropped by to bring me food! So, we decided to eat. I went with them (Yeyet and Jesse)

Jesse decided not to eat. Why? ahaha While Yeyet was grabbing her food, Jesse stayed with me and knowing Jesse, the silent man, i started the conversation and he answered naman. He is a man of few words I think. But during that moment I saw his concern (THank you!) I often told him to grab food but he didn’t. He said and i quote: Sa bahay na lang ako kakain (Tanda ko pa oh ahaha)

So, Yeyet returned with food and Jesse had to withdraw. The two of us conversed like old friends did. I think, I found a sister in Yeyet. Sobrang bait (naks). We planned for another bonding for Team Redemption.  Yeyet is my soul sister. I think. She has prior commitment because it was the birthday of her hubby (yihie, i saw their pictures after) but she decided to spend time with us (heart heart yeyet!)

We have to endure the crowd and returned to our booth. I have to say goodbye to them. It was a total success.


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