Get to know more about Yeyet Soriano

I met Yeyet online. We became close when we became bundlemates. We were discussing our plans for the bundle’s marketing strategies, JustWritePH Facebook Party, and this coming week’s blog tour. I finally met her during the MIBF 2015 and I must say that she was super like my sisters, so caring.

She always has a brilliant idea to share.

I sent my three equally talented friends (Jess, Yet and Niks as i call them) random questions and Yeyet answered it with all honesty. Here is our Q&A:

Racq: Tell me something about yourself.

Yeyet: I am a Sagittarian, married with 3 kids aged 15, 7 and 4 (the 2 older ones are girls and the youngest is a boy. I work in Johnson & Johnson as an Asia Pacific IT Manager and I travel a lot)

Racq: Your friends calls you . . .

Yeyet: Most call me Yeyet although school friends still tend to call me Mercy. Some cannot pronounce my nickname and call me YetYet instead. Some friends and family have pet names for me (as I do them) so I have weird names like Madds, Tink, Beaujest, YY, etc.

Racq: Who is your favorite Author? Why?

Yeyet: Stephen King. Because I love the way he weaves a story. He has a great imagination and I love that most if the horror happens in the mind of the characters.

Racq: What is your motivation to become an author?

Yeyet: I have always loved writing since I was young. I would write constantly even before I realized I could be an author. I wrote what I felt, what I was thinking, anything. When I was younger I wrote poems and songs as well. Now, I write because I just love to tell a story. There is alot going on in my head and if I dont write them down, I will go crazy!

Racq:  What is your writing process?

Yeyet: Nothing really formal. I just write what comes to mind. But if I have a deadline and a specific story to write, I make an outline. But I write not based on the outline since sometimes inspiration strikes and I have the ending in mind before i write a beginning. I use the outline to determine the gaps…

Racq: What is the first story you ever wrote?

Yeyet: the first complete and coherent story I wrote was PIECES a novel about a young woman who had a traumatic past and a guy who helped her deal with it… wait i have to review it first… haha

Racq: Your story for JustWritePH, what makes it special?

Yeyet: It is special because it is semi autobiographical. Its about a version of me if I followed another path in life. It is my way of exorcising some of the demons of my life. Haha. Intense?

Racq: When you are not writing, how did you spend your time?

Yeyet: I spend time with the family. When i have alone time I read. I sometimes work on my photography–I am still.learning. I sketch and I listen to music. I love music. I also sing. But most of the time even when I am not writing, I am thinking of stories and sharing them with my kids before they go to bed…

Like her FB Page here

Personal Note for Yet:

Thank you for the friendship! I am hoping to get to know you more. I miss you! Let us Schedule a bonding when you get back! Enjoy!

– Heart Heart



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