Get to know more about Jesse David

I met Jesse online when we were discussing our plans for the marketing. He was very quiet until I found out from him that he doesn’t receive any of our messages. I met him personally during the JustWritePH book launch. We became friends. (I hope)

Recently, we met again for MIBF with Yeyet and Niki. He is one of the nicest guys I know. (Promise!) While waiting for Niki, Yeyet and I kinda bonded with him and we kinda allowed him to speak more.

Here’s my interview of Jesse David, Author of Era.

Racq: Tell me something about yourself.

Jesse: I am fascinated on the idea of happiness.

Racq: Your friends call you . . .

Jesse: Je.

Racq: Who is your favorite Author? Why?

Jesse: Chuck Palahniuk. The writing style and how he deliver his story is not common. I find it amazing.

Racq: What is your motivation to become an author?

Jesse: I just want to tell a story.

Racq: What is your writing process?

Jesse: I create a plot for my story.

Racq: What is the first story you ever wrote?

Jesse: The title of the story is shot. It is about a poor guy that is living in the world of rich people.

Racq: Your story for JustWritePH, what is it all about?

Jesse: My story for JustWritePH is about a man that wants to live to the fullest. And to do this, he needs to earn as much money as possible, but his life revolved around on earning his money and forgot to live life to the fullest.

Racq: When you are not writing, how did you spend your time?

Jesse: Reading, chatting with friends and sleeping.

Like his Facebook Page here

Personal Note to Jess:

Hi. Thank you for your concern when we were in the MIBF. Hope to have more bonding with you. Want to hear your voice more ha. Take care and manlibre ka ahaha (Joke)

-Heart heart



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