Get to know more about Angie Sanchez

I met Niki in RWP’s Facebook Party where I hosted a time slot. I added her and we became friends. I was excited  when I found out that she joined #JustWritePH. We became closer when we became bundle mates. I met her personally at the JustWritePH Book Launch last August 22. She even texted me and said that she was already there. Our rushing baby girl didn’t finished the launch party because she had to attend school work.

Finally, we met again at the MIBF and she dropped by to have our bundle’s group picture. (How sweet!)

Here is my interview to our bunso, Angie Sanchez, Author of A Fateful Encounter.

Racq: Tell me something about yourself.

Angie: Not your typical girl. I love relaxing a lot. I love destressing. I love watching and rewatching episodes of Gossip Girl, The Big Bang Theory, and other TV shows. I like reading. I love traveling. You get to travel to a whole new world when you read. (Grins)

Racq: Your friends calls you . . .

Angie: Niki. Nix.

Racq: Who is your favorite Author? Why?

Angie: Favorite author… I guess that would be Dan Brown. I’ve read most of his works and I just can’t put the book down until I finished it. I love his writing style. It’s a mix of action, thrill and a little bit of romance. There even came a point that I read three of his novels in one day. @_@

Racq: What is your motivation to become an author?

Angie: I want to achieve my dream on being able to publish a story.

Racq: What is your writing process?

Angie: I should be in the mood to write. If I’m not, I just can’t put anything into words. Basta if I’m in the mood, I immediately grab my pen and paper and start writing (smiles)

Racq:  What is the first story you ever wrote?

Angie: If I don’t count my old requirements, then yes. This is my very first novel reaching 15k. (smiles)

Racq: Your story for JustWritePH, what is it all about?

Angie: It’s all about a college student, Samantha, who tries to move on from her horrendous past. But, as much as she wanted to run away from it, the past finally catches up to her present. In the process, she meets Michael from the same university.

Racq: When you are not writing, how did you spend your time?

Angie: I do different things. I watch, I read, I sleep. Haha. Or hang out with my friends (smiles)

Like her page on Facebook here

Personal Note to Niki:

Hi nix! I want to know you more so let’s bond when you have a lot of time. Thank you for the necklace! I love it! Take care bunso! I am so proud of you!

-Heart Heart

Ate Racquel


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