25 Random Things About Me

  1. I love to watch NBA and PBA. Started watching when I am in High school.
  2. I am a fan of love teams… whether it’s onscreen or in novels.
  3. I have this habit of daydreaming. If you see me smiling alone, you will know what I am doing.
  4. I love eating  different cuisines (Matakaw ako in short terms.)
  5. I sing at the bathroom; if you see me going in the bathroom with my IPad, you will hear me singing after I close the door.
  6. When I am writing, I often watch or listen to the TV
  7. I love challenging myself on everything. From career moves to ministry decisions, i love to be hard on myself.
  8. I love coffee, pizza, burger and spaghetti.
  9. I love to plan the future.
  10. My family and friends calls me Yayie, Yee, Racqs, Raxy, Sarah.
  11. I love dogs.
  12. My favorite colors are pink and green.
  13. My favorite chocolates are Hershey’s Milk chocolates, 3 Musketeers, and M&Ms Milk Chocolate.
  14. I love window shopping.
  15. I buy what I need.
  16. My money is for books and food.
  17. In my free time, I play online games, research, eat (of course).
  18. I love to praise God by singing. (Oh yes!)
  19. I love tweeting in Twitter, posting on facebook.
  20. I am a chatter. (well, not now.)
  21. I have this burden on praying for people I know.
  22. I have cerebral palsy but it doesn’t define me. It became my strong asset!
  23. I am busy with research on my Heistclub story.
  24. I started my very first crime fiction story!
  25. I am busy thinking about my crush while outlining. (hi crush!)


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