HashTag Heistclub

I decided to learn again. well, being new in Crime fiction isn’t bad at all. I must say that I leveled up as a writing student. I have my pink notebook and a black pen with me. (Thanks Mama Lelen!) Having a notebook, that’s new. ahaha. I hate my handwriting by the way. But I have to take down notes. It has been effective for me. I jotted the schedule, my schedule of submission, my thoughts about crime, the changes I made . . . It’s all there.

Sabi ko nga Kakaririn ko ito . . . 

Well, I research possible theft cases and I have my first Title last Sept 17. But the lessons have been so helpful that i changed my first case, embezzlement. It is kinda new for me. So, I asked Michael, Mark, and other writers. They have been so helpful.

I even bothered my bundlemates, Jess and Yet. ahaha sorry guys!

I finished the first chapter. and soon the following chapters pa. I got 10 chapters in my outline. Let’s see how many will be added or deleted ahaha

I have to go! Got to write my opening sentence before calling it a day!

I have to say this and it’s kinda off the topic but . . . GIlas Pilipinas is on the FInals! oh i should blog about A great friday indeed!


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