I Am Here . . . Hear Me Out

WCPD_FB_Cover 2015_withlogoWhy am I different? Why am I not like any other lady? Do I have the right to fall in love?

October 7 – World CP Day

In Celebration of the World Cerebral Palsy Day, I want to hear from you. I will compile it.

When you meet me, do you know I have Cerebral Palsy? What are your unspoken questions? Do I inspire you in any way?

Share it to me in this page or in my Facebook/Twitter account.

Why do we met? Do I fulfill my purpose in your life?

To share God’s goodness is one of my purposes in life. Another is to share my life through my books. I think I am born to encourage people. I also have the heart of bringing the cerebral palsy be known.

Yes. We are different. But we can do what you do. we can if we get equal opportunity to do it.

RACQ Says:

To those people who love me, Thank you.

To those who judge me, God bless you

TO those I inspire, You can do better.

To those I love, You know who you are.

To the man who will give his heart to me, Take your time.

To my family, Thank you for the support. I love you.

To God, Thank you for making me different!


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