Best Nanay 2015

MYNP or Make Your Nanay Proud Foundation held the Best Nanay Awards Night yesterday. My mom is one of the ten exceptional women with a special task, to be a mother.

As a daughter, I am so blessed to have a mom who:

  • is my bestfriend. If you want to know who is my crush, ask her.
  • is selfless. 
  • teaches me how to hold on to God. She always points out to trust in the Lord plus action.
  • is an encourager. I told her one time that I wanted to give up on something. She always shows me the brighter side of things.
  • has a heart for mission.

I knew about the Best Nanay Awards in Aquino and Abunda tonight. My goal is to make my mom smile. When we were selected to move on to the next phase of Judging, I pray to thank the Lord. Mom said, “Okay na to . . . Kahit di na tayo mapili.”

I am so shocked when Dexter called to tell us that Mom made it as one of the ten! Sobra natuwa kaming lahat na pagdating ng mga kapatid ko from work, we made it a point to group hug while jumping literally. ahaha

Although there were challenges before the big night, we attended the event yesterday. Sobra kilig si mommy!

Photo from MYNP’s Facebook Page

We met Tito Boy Abunda, Christine Bersola-Babao, Sitti, Nini Borja, Michael Pangilinan and other guests.

I also met a passionate woman, Lourdes “Tita Lulu” Reyes. She’s the founding chairman of LCDPF. She inspires me to continue my advocacy on Cerebral Palsy awareness. At her 80s, she has different stories about her passion for PWDs. She said:

I encouraged my scholars to marry someone that has a normal physique . . .

Thanks for the Nova Tita Lulu!

My family would like to extend our gratitude to Tito Boy Abunda, MYNP, Ate Bemz, Dexter. Thank you for making it all possible.

To God be the glory!

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