How to Buy The Real Me


When you visit the official store at

  • You can then search for your product or if you followed the direct link here let you click it
  • When the page opens>> Click ‘Add to cart’
  • The checkout slide will open by the right let you click ‘Checkout’
  • You will be taken to the check out page, on the checkout page, let you enter all your info, that is email, shipping/billing address, number (if any) etc but a number is encouraged so that the courier company can call you when your shipment arrives.
  • After putting in your details, let you click ‘Continue to shipping method’
  • You will be taken to the next page, on the next page, you will see ‘FREE SHIPPING TO PHILIPPINES’ if you have entered a Philippines address and for other counties, various shipping methods will come up if you reside outside Philippines.
  • Once you click ‘Continue to Payment method’ you will be taken to the next page and see 3 options, let you select the ‘Bank Deposit’ option
  • And under ‘Billing address’ let you state if shipping address is the same as billing address and then click ‘Complete order’
  • After your order has been completed, let you check your email and then forward that email to Hope House Centre at
  • Please send an email to to complete your order!
  • Hope House Centre will give you our Western Union details and after payment, you will receive another email telling you when your product will be shipped.

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