November Bliss+Welcome December

I started my November in  San Pablo City to visit our departed love ones. I arrived in Binan by November 2 and started my Nanowrimo novel with 200 words from my San Pablo trip.

I submitted my first Crime story last November 5. After a few days (Nov. 11 to be exact), we received the final list of #HeistClub finishers. It will be out on January.

After 28 days of writing intensely, I thank God for giving me strength to write a 50,620 word novel for one month. I thought I could not make it but I did. In the midst of giving up, I have my family and friends to boost  me to continue. I thank the Lord for giving me wisdom.


The second one is a good news from Hope House Centre. It’s a secret for now. If you cannot wait until march, Limited Paperback copies of The Real Me is currently available in

Instructions on how to buy:

The third one: Aside from Nanowrimo, I submitted a thing to Ms. Mina for a thing.

We also attended a community feeding program that is organized by our homeowners association.

Hello December . . .

  • Dux’s birthday is coming up on December 5.
  • Holiday Gatherings
  • Happy Birthday Jesus Christ!
  • Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

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