Review: Waiting for Whatever by Fay Sebastian


Waiting for Whatever by Fay Sebastian
Denise knew pain at an early age. She has been waiting for her true love since she was 11, but she never gave up, knowing she’d meet him someday.
What she didn’t know was that she already met the man she’s been waiting for, and that he’s sitting beside her at the airport. The thought never crossed her mind because she’s seated between two guys who broke her heart before.




Racq Says: The hope of a happily ever after is what this is all about. The young Denise saw her two schoolmates, Robin and Seth on the airport. She enjoyed the trip to Paris while she was thinking about the past. Was destiny mistakenly put her on the thinking chair to  resolve her issues between Seth and Robin?

It is a story of choices between friendship and love. Fay constructed it with such power that I couldn’t put my ipad down until i realized that it was already 4 in the morning.  Good job.

Although the story is simple, Fay made sure that her reader would end in a giddy mood.


About Fay Sebastian
Fay started writing stories since she learned how to write with a pencil, but she only rediscovered her love for writing when she was a high school freshman. Since then, writing has become her life.
Now a Speech Communication student at the University of the Philippines, she writes even during the busiest of days because writing prevents her from being a college zombie.
Why she holds writing instruments in an odd way will always be a mystery to the world.

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