Squad Goals: Dedicated to all my bestfriends

  • Father God: Even I’m stubborn, You are faithful. Thank you, Father God.
  • Mom: I have a confession to make. I have new crushes ahaha
  • INay: We always laugh whenever we watch TV.
  • Mama Lelen: Thank you for everything. I have new crushes ahaha
  • Tin, Dux, Ken, Pipo: Yihie kakasal na yung isa sa atin 🙂 I thank God for all of you. Babawi na lang ako sa inyo soon 🙂 hihi Happy birthday tin.
  • Bes Andrea: Thanks for reading all my rants on FB. Congrats kay Kikay!
  • Vic, Rei, Kim, Marvin, Jing, and Kokai: I love you all. Thanks for always listening.
  • Yet: I love you sis. You have been an Ate I never had. Thank you.
  • Magsi, mike, Lyber, Mark, Pau: Yun naman ahaha i love you all or should i say labuyo ahaha. Thanks for the friendship
  • #romanceclass community especially to Mina: Thank you for all your support
  • Anne, Tara, Jen, Six, Jesse, Gette: Thank you for all your encouragements.
  • AC, Cassie, Amae, Kim (leemiyaki), caryn, kristel: miss ko na kayo.  (Busy lola nyo e ahaha)
  • Beth and Yet: Kaya natin to. Let’s finish the novella! ahaha
  • A: Thanks for the ideas . . . You’re one of the best consultant (Yeah smile na yan ahaha)
  • Helena: I miss you sis so badly! we will talk soon 🙂 haha
  • Cris: Thanks for the article.
  • Youth of JCRBCC:I love you all. You are all my Bebe right?
  • twelve twelve: Naks we will get there haha parang si rain lang ahaha Fall like rain ang peg ahaha (i hope)

I miss my  friends:

  • I miss Ren, Candy, Marty, Mark, Will, Madz, Mai, Ems, Glen, Jeng.
  • I miss LOvely, Verna, Krishna, Chie, Aylla and Mayie
  • I miss Vernessa (ging)
  • I miss ate Owen, Arvin (vinny), yens, audz, rasha, kuya jem 1 and 2, Kuya red, melo, kuya kris, ian, Archielito, totep, rai
  • I miss tropang Ama Binan
  • I miss my  classmates in elementary and HS.

Yes I have many friends i treasure…

If i forget you, i am sorry.


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