#romanceclass2016: Whew! I made it!

Whew! I am done! Thank You, Lord!

I joined #romanceclass2016 because I wanted to write another manuscript. I was challenged because my first blurb has been a disaster. (haha) But it gave me a better view on what the readers’ expectations are.

I thought it would be easy since I have decided to rewrite my NANOWRIMO manuscript. BUT IT WAS NOT THAT EASY.  After praying to God and dealing with so many concerned citizens (yeah), I decided to get the job done.

I have to change the MC’s (main character) name, LI’s (Love Interest) job, the LI’s name, deleted some unnecessary scenes according to my beta-readers, and other major changes..

I HAVE A LOT OF CONSULTANTS. These people really helped me a lot. They are Aeus, Herv, Six, Ed, Yeyet, Magsi, Beth, and Mark. Thank you, guys! New friendships have been established.

After 12 drafts and 3 MAJOR plot changes, I submitted my final draft for #romanceclass2016 just today.

Now, it will be a time to think of publishing options. I am considering self-publishing. I already sent a message to Mina. I asked for help.

I just need to look for an editor and save money for the fee. (haha) anyone who can sponsor the editing? Ahaha or PAY LATER perhaps ahaha

Thank You Mina for the opportunity to learn again.

Thank You Lord for outpouring Your wisdom to me.



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