Why Do I Write CRIME?

A Born Again Christian . . . to write crime fiction? Why?  I know some of you has that question in mind. Why does Racquel write those things? Is she crazy? Is it too compromising?

Dealing with our everyday life, we faced criminals . . . That criminals have problems . . . problems they solve the wrong way.  But we need to understand their side of the story. Some of them faced poverty . . . Others faced injustice. . .

My story, Chasing an ATM Schemer, is based on that two core problems of society nowadays, POVERTY AND INJUSTICE. Read the book and be the judge whether it is too compromising for me or not.

  1. I was challenged to write something that is beyond my comfort zone.
  2. ATM FRAUD was so rampant that I wanted to warn those people that crimes using ATM Cards do exist. Why not warn those people before they even be victimized by lawless thefts.
  3. Social responsibility as a writer. Every writer has a message to impart. My message for Chasing an ATM Schemer would be people has to be very vigilant in everyday life. There are predators out there that is observing you whether you are a weak target or not.
  4. Call it compromise if it looks like compromise. But I have the means to spread the goodness of God through that book. How? and  Why? Read it for you to find out why.
  5. Every Christian knows this. Jesus Christ died for sinners. And who is his beloved 12 . . . they were sinners. So, call me a compromising Christian. But I have to make it for the glory of God.
  6. In my story, there is forgiveness which is the core of my faith.
  7. Writing dark minds and misdemeanor need guidance.

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