Smile: The New Tool for Opposition

  • I smile when I feel like giving up because I know that I have a Big God who is my fortress.
  • I smile when I saw a 1 star rating on my works
  • I smile when people judge me because I know in time they will eat their words and say Racquel is so blessed.
  • I smile when someone laughed at me because I know if they will only know me, i will laugh with them
  • I smile when people asked cruel questions because I know they will soon say sorry.
  • I smile because People get to notice my difference and see the goodness of God as they get to know me better.

When someone pulls you down, you just smile. I’ve been through a lot of things. Why am I continuing?  It is for God, for my family and friends that has  always been there to comfort me always. If you are in the midst of giving up, Just SMILE. BECAUSE IT IS PART OF GOD’S PLAN TO MAKE YOU BETTER


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