#BuwanNgAkdangPinoy: Mga May-Akda sa #BuqoYA 1-Taking Chances

(MonthofFilipinoLiterature: The Authors of BuqoYA 1 – Taking Chances)

Sa buqoYA nagsimula ang aking paglalakbay bilang isang ganap na manunulat. datapwat meron na ako nailimbag na isang eBook,  ang When Fate Speaks Big Time, dito ako nakilala nang husto. Kaya sobra ang pasasalamat ko kay Mina dahil siya ang ginamit ng Panginoon para magawa ko ang nilaan ng Panginoon para sa akin, ang maging may-akda.

(BuqoYA started my journey on being a full-pledge writer. Although I had a published book that time, When Fate Speaks Big Time, it boosted my career more. I want to thank Mina because she is the one God uses to fulfill my destiny in being an author.)

TRIVIA: ANG BUQOYA 1 AUTHORS LANG ANG COMPLETE ATTENDANCE NUNG LAUNCH. AHAHA. (During the book launch, BuqoYA 1 AUTHORS were the only group who were complete.)

Nung nalaman na namin na kaming 6 ang magkakasama, natatandaan ko na nagpaplan kaming 6 kung anu ang isusuuot at ibibigay namin sa bawat bibili ng aming libro Sa TWITTER. Meron pa kaming loot bags na panay Candy ang laman. ahaha!

(When the 6 authors knew that we were grouped together, i rememberm we planned on what to wear and what to give to our buyers. The conversation is on Twitter. We also have loot bags full of candies.)

Justine Camacho-Tajonera

Justine Camacho-Tajonera was born and grew up in Cebu City, Philippines. Despite starting a corporate career in telecommunications, she pursued an M.A. in English Literature to keep her close to her first love of writing.

She has had her poetry published in several anthologies and local publications and she has published two books: Artemis Lets Go, a novel, and Gift: Poems, her first collection of poetry. She maintains a poetry blog, Claiming Alexandria.

She works full time on a corporate job in the Philippines, is married and has two children.

GoodReads | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Nakilala ko si Justine nung una ako nakadalo sa huling klase ng #buqoYA.  Super bait ni Justine. 

(I met Justine during the last #buqoYA class. She is really kind!)

Rafael P. Pascual

Rafael P. Pascual is a 20-year old Mass Communication student at Universidad de Manila. He is a reader of romance, teen fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery and history. He is currently writing under the username raffythequizzard on Wattpad.com.
He also loves to read Wattpad books, particularly those published by Summit Media’s Pop Fiction imprint. He has attended the Wattpad seminar at the 35th Manila International Book Fair, the Pop Fiction Academy at the 1st Philippine Literary Festival, and the 3rd Pop Fiction Festival.
He currently lives in Navotas City with his mother and six other siblings.
kung hindi ako nagkakamali, si raf lang ang lalaki sa amin. Naging parang kapatid ko na sya. naalala ko sobrang excited sya nung malaman nya na meron na sya tseke from buqo.  
(If I am not mistaken, Raf is the only guy in the group. i treated him as a sibling. I remember, he is very excited about getting his first checks, he message me right away.)

Jen C. Suguitan

Jen C. Suguitan is a PR practitioner by day and a storyteller by night. Her love affair with words and letters led to a Journalism degree and stories cramped in her hard drive that the world has yet to see. She started writing professionally for a local broadsheet when she was seventeen, and she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. When she’s not writing, she’s probably thinking of what to write about next.
Nakilala ko si Jen at naging kaibigan magmula noong Abril 2015. Naalala ko nung una kami magkita, sobrang gaan ang loob ko sa kanya. Hanggang sa ngayon ay magkaibigan pa din kami.
(I met Jen and we became good friends during April 2015. I remember, i became so comfortable to her right away. Upto now, we are still friends.)

Racquel Sarah A. Castro

Racquel Sarah A. Castro is living with Cerebral Palsy. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from AMA Computer College-Binan Campus. She wrote When Fate Speaks Big Time,Second Sight to ForeverEncyclopedia Mystique, The Fraud Hunter Book 1: Chasing an ATM Schemer, Stockholm Syndrome: A #WritebreakUpSongsAbout Story, and her autobiography, The Real Me.. Racquel is a geek, a math tutor, a food addict, a web designer, and a freelance programmer.

Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | GoodReads

Ako to! haha… (This is me!)


Six de los Reyes

Six de los Reyes has been reading and making up stories for as far as she can remember. In fifth grade, she learned to wield dragons and phoenixes through written word. Her day job has absolutely nothing to do with creative writing, and she wishes it did.
Sobrang proud ako dyan kay Six, lalo na ngayon na nakikilala na sya internationally. I could say na si Six yung nagbasa nung excerpt ko. (sobra bait nya talaga!) kaya love ko yan. Naks!
(I am so proud of Six especially now that she is starting to make her name known internationally. I could say that Six read my excerpt. (she’s really nice!) That’s why i love her!)

Kaye Dee

Some people say actions speak louder than words. But actions are temporary. Words are forever.
Nakita ko si Kaye if i am not mistaken dun sa last na klase ng buqoYA. Sobrang bait nya nung maging friend ko na sya sa Twitter lalo na nung magkita kami in person. 🙂  
(I met Kaye during the last class of BuqoYA. She has been nice to me when we became friends on Twiitter. Especially when I met her in person!)

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