#BuwanNgAkdangPinoy: #HeistClub: Why We Run Authors

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Justine Camacho-Tajonera

Justine Camacho-Tajonera, author of Bayawak’s Trail,  was born and grew up in Cebu City, Philippines. Despite starting a corporate career in telecommunications, she pursued her masters in Literary and Cultural Studies to keep her close to her first love of writing.  She has had her poetry published in several anthologies and local publications and she has published three books: Artemis Lets Go (novella), A Portrait of Jade (novella) and Gift: Poems, her first collection of poetry. She maintains a blog, Claiming Alexandria. She works full time at a corporate job in the Philippines, is married, and has two children whom she homeschools with her husband.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Justine-Camacho-Tajonera-Author-Page-144071125674206/

Twitter: @justine_tajo

Justine and I became friends in Twitter because we were bundlemates during #buqoYA days. She is so nice to me.

Racquel Sarah A. Castro

Racquel Sarah A. Castro
, author of The Fraud Hunter Book 1: Chasing an ATM Schemer, is living with Cerebral Palsy. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from AMA Computer College-Binan Campus. She wrote When Fate Speaks Big Time,Second Sight to ForeverEncyclopedia Mystique, Stockholm Syndrome: A #WriteBreakUpSongsAbout Story, and The Real Me: An Autobiography. Racquel is a geek, a math tutor, a food addict, a web designer, and a freelance programmer.

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Follow her on Twitter: @rsacastro017
Like her Author page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/racquelsarahcastro
Blog: https://racquelsarah.wordpress.com/
Email her: racquelcastro2884@gmail.com
Instagram: @rsacie
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00RTBGT62
Wattpad: @RacquelSarahCastro

This is me! ahahaha

Yeyet Soriano

Yeyet Soriano, author of The Retreat, has been writing her entire life. Though the themes of her written works have changed over the years, she held on to one truth—she needed to write to keep the voices in her head at bay. Her day job is that of an IT manager in charge of the Asia-Pacific region for a multinational corporation. She is married to a man who reads only to fall asleep, and they have three wonderful kids—two of whom love to read and one, only starting to learn how to read.

List of published works: Turning PointsIn My Dreams,  The Retreat, Until . . . Whenever.  She has also contributed the following stories to published anthologies: Yeyet (Life in the Middle, A Discovery, 2011);  Fairy Queen-In-Waiting(Talecraft Presents Master Story Creators’ Anthology 1, 2016); He Loves Me . . .  Not (FLESH, Fixi Novo, 2016).

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My soul sister, Yet, has been a blessing to me. She pushed me to write well because she loves me ahaha Yeah! I love you too! haha

Sette Luis

Sette Luis, author of Inertia,  is a technical specialist based in Iloilo City.  She enjoys the challenge of using Iloilo as setting for her stories.

I met Sette online. I was currently bugging them to submit some stuff for the launch and she was very accommodating.

Michael Recto

Michael Recto, author of Come With Me,  is a lover of stories, no matter what medium they came from. His ultimate dream is to be able to tell a great story someday. That is why he toils, he sweats, he loses sleep, he bangs his head against a wall, and he jumps over cliffs, just to write the best story he can think of. And so the next time you see Michael Recto talking to himself, gazing up at the sky, dancing to a tune only he can hear, and smiling out of the blue, just approach him and say “hi”. Don’t worry, he doesn’t bite (yet).

email: mogerus@hotmail.com

I met Mike during the #JustWritePH Book Launch. We mostly hang out online. ahaha (Hi ahahaha)


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