#BuwanNgAkdangPinoy: #HeistClub What We Fear Authors

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Cassandra Javier

Cassandra Javier, author of Dressed to Kill,  is a cat lady and pop culture geek who graduated with a degree in Broadcasting and now works as a web content writer. When not writing articles, she writes novels, fanfiction, short stories and blogs at sheflieswithfaeries.wordpress.com.

Her first novella, THE PATH OF US is available on Buqo. As LC Mills, she has published STORMY HOLLOW: THE HUNT FOR THE DIVINE NECKLACE, also available on Buqo.

Cass and I Haven’t met in person but I know and believe that she will be my friend no matter what happen. Maybe someday, if time permits, we are going to hang out.

Irene Recio

Irene Recio, author of Till Death Do Us Part, is a stay-at-home mom with a degree in BS Applied Economics and BS Business Management. She found her happiness teaching pre-nursery children and was taking her Masters in Education when she had to put her career on pause to focus on her amazing daughter. She used to do freelance writing for a parenting website and magazines.  Earlier this year, she finished her first romance novella, Breakfast with Brie. She has always been fascinated with mystery and crime fiction, and her love for the genre started with Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys.

I met this wonderful woman during the planning. As an author coordinator, I was assigned to bug them. Haha. It started with me being funny on my emails that Irene complimented my humor. I met her during the launch and she is one of the sweetest friends I now have.

Chris Nava

Chris Nava, author of High Stakes, graduated with a degree in AB Literature from UST. She has written for several media outlets. She is currently taking her Master’s from UP.

Chris and I met during a launch but didn’t have a chance to talk. Haha Now, we are talking a bit often. This wonderful lady is one of my treasured friends.

Georgette S. Gonzales

Georgette S. Gonzales, author ofClassified (A Prologue to Les Dames des Fleurs),  is a full time author, residing in a small house somewhere in the Visayas. She has been writing for 12 years now under the pseudonym Edith Joaquin for My Special Valentine (Bookware Publishing, Corp.). This is her first English story to be published online.

Contact her through:

Email jette1013@yahoo.com

Website http://pinaynobelista.com

Facebook www.facebook.com/georgette.pinaynobelista

Twitter @Gette_aka_EJmsv

Instagram @neferjetjet

I met Gette during my takeover in the RWP’s facebook Party. We talked and we shared a lot of stories about life and love. Naks ahaha I am so blessed to finally met her in person. As expected, she is so accomodating! I love you Gette!

J. Guibone

J. Guibone, author of Soul Makers: A Golden City Mystery, decided to pursue her lifelong goal of writing stories for a living, after teaching for three years as a high school English teacher. While obtaining a Master’s Degree, she runs a book blog, The Book Tales, while working on her stories.

I haven’t met J in person. It was hard for me to add her at first. But she added me on Facebook. Yehey!



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