#BuwanNgAkdangPinoy: Yeyet Soriano

Yeyet Soriano

Yeyet Soriano has been writing her entire life, first as an angst-ridden teenager, then as a single working woman, then as a married working woman with kids. Though the themes of her written works have changed over the years, she held on to one truth—she needed to write to keep the voices in her head at bay.

Based in Manila, Philippines, her day job is that of an IT manager for the Asia-Pacific region for a multinational corporation. She is married to a man who reads only to fall asleep, and they have three wonderful kids—two of whom love to read and one, only starting to learn to read.

  • Turning Points
  • In My Dreams
  • The Retreat
  • #JustWritePH – For Redemption
  • #Strangelit – Darkest Dreams
  • #HeistClub – Why We Run
  • Life in the Middle, A Discovery
  • Until . . . Whenever.
  • Talecraft Master Creation’s Anthology 1
  • Flesh (Fixi Novo)

Yeyet has been my cheerleader. She encouraged me a lot  of times. I want to thank her for everything she has done for me. She is my soul sister, I guess.

Yet, I am very thankful to God that He gave you to me. Cheers to more books and more bondings. I love you!


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