#BuwanNgAkdangPinoy: K. C. Cimafranca

K. C. Cimafranca

Kaith, a thirty-something who eats Admin slash Marketing stuff for breakfast, and gobbles and spits out words for dinner and dessert.

According to her blog, http://www.whatsupkaith.com/, she is a mother, occasionally as a wife, writer, and beauty and makeup (and all things bright and beautiful) enthusiast.


  • Strangelit Incredible Truths
  • Chasing Closure Away

She is my editor and friend. We worked out for my #buqoYA story, Second Sight to Forever. She’s the editor of my #JustWritePH story, Encyclopedia Mystique. Aside from the fact that we are both beautiful, Kaith was my beta reader. We also worked on my #SparkNA story, Princess in Yellow Ribbon (still unpublished.).  I am so blessed to meet her, a generous soul who is letting her commitment to edit a free thing for me. Thank you Kaithy. We will see each other soon! I love you girl!


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