World CP Day 2016 in PH

I was praying for this gathering a year ago. God answered me with a challenge. I will inspire the families of CPinoys (Filipinos with  Cerebral Palsy.). God has put me in this body for a reason. Now is the start of my lifelong ministry. I guess I am called to be the ambassador  of God and show how amazing He is.

What: Pistang CPinoy: Nandito Kami. Pilipino Kami.

When: October 2, 2016 (Sunday) 8:30 am – 12:00  nn

Where: G/F Philippine Stock Exchange Auditorium.

This is the beginning of a very worthwhile life. Pray for me that I could attend the event. This is my ministry and I have been looking for more of these.

After that event, I will be at The Craft Central, 3PM – 4PM for the meet and greet.

My difference, Cerebral Palsy, is an asset I would not exchange for anything else. That difference can inspire and transform lives for the glory of God. I love being unique because I stand out and testify that we have a big God that is waiting for our prayer. To God be the glory!


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