#WorldCerebralPalsyDay : #IAmHereWeAreHere

All things are possible with God!


I attended the WORLD CEREBRAL PALSY DAY PHILIPPINES. I was supposed to speak for the event but was late. Sorry! I was with Inay (my grandma) and Mama Lelen (my aunt).

I saw this on the gallery:


Photo Grabbed from World Cerebral Palsy Day Philippines Facebook Page

But I enjoyed each moment. I arrived when Jessa Zaragoza rendered a special song for the kids with Cerebral Palsy and their families. And we hear another beautiful soul, Isabel Granada. I saw Dominic Roque who is one of the sponsors.

Seeing everyone lovingly taking  care of the kids with cerebral palsy, I felt their love. I wanted to hug all of them.

The kids rendered a song, Glowing Inside, it melted my heart even more when I received  a bookmark for the parents.

I want to share the speech I prepared for the event:

Good morning! I would like to thank Bobath Advocacy Group and Hong’s Children Center for CP. they invited me to come and speak the goodness of God. I am Racquel Castro, a blogger, an author, a math tutor, a thesis consultant, a programmer, and God’s warrior princess. A proud woman living with cerebral palsy. How do it all happen? read my book, hehe. Just kidding. When i was born, i didn’t cry like other new born babies. That 2-3 minutes affected my motor skills. But i thank the Lord for cerebral palsy. Why? Because it made me a strong woman.

I was treated normal. Thats what i thanked my family for. they never treat me different. Napapalo din po ako. I finished my studies and landed to be a free lance programmer. Love, encouragement, and trust. That is what i have.
by the grace of God, i have found my passion, writing, through an encouragement. A friend encourages me to write a novella and that launched my career as an author. My first novella, when fate speaks big time, was nominated in 2015 Virtue Christian Book Awards. It led me to an international publishing deal. right now, i have a few indie books right here.

Observe your child with cerebral palsy. It is not too late to support them with your love, encouragement, and trust. Will he/she be the next president of the republic? Just trust the talents God gave them. like me, encourage your child to be the best. Never give up on them. they will be the family’s blessing.

Good day and God bless you.

To God be the glory!

Here are some of the pictures taken by me and Mama Lelen:

Support me in my quest by buying my books. Part of that will be allotted to my Cerebral Palsy Awareness Program, Green Ribbon Campaign.

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Like Hong’s Children Center for Cerebral Palsy on Facebook



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