Once Upon a #romanceclass #FeelsFest

Here is it…. My blog about the Saturday event, #romanceclass #FeelsFest… I arrived late because of traffic… (again)

Feelings for Sale

So we arrived. My aunt, Mama Lelen and Inay (grandmother dear) have been so generous for their time. Mom had to take care of Dad but I know she’s happy seeing me fly high… Mama lelen and Inay let me mingle and be merry with my people, #romanceclass community. I hugged all the authors Yey! Uy, I finally met Dawn and she was accommodating.

Before the program started, Yeyet and I had to go to eat lunch… it was our first lunch out… ahaha we talked about our novellas and what not to do… LOL we missed A here… 🙂

There were a lot  of workshops reunion

Jesse David(!)  was there to support us. Yey!

Live Readings!

I got to say hi to Herv and Rachel but I forgot to ask them to pose haha but when it comes to Gio (Peace yo) . . .


So, we started the program. Mina introduced about RomanceClass and my feelings were there…

Herv, Gab, Rachel and Gio gave life to the characters from 7 romanceclass novellas.

The Hometown Hazard by Dawn Lanuza
Sweeter by the Second by C.P. Santi
Tempting Victoria by Mina V. Esguerra
What You Wanted by Mina V. Esguerra
Save the Cake by Stella Torres
Keep the Faith by Ana Tejano
When Sparks Fly by Ines Bautista-Yao

Thanks Kat Sales for the info… our feelings! they are like feelsiees!!!!

after the readings, we mingled to wait for the New #romanceclass books to be release including mine.

I asked Pau to read Styling Serendipity’s blurb and I must say She (Pau) is heaven sent…






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