Happy Busy December

Even though I will not be able to come this Saturday for the #romanceclass Christmas Anthology Book Launch, please come and support them by buying the anthology. Make our wishes come true! Buy Make My Wish Come True!

I joined and now currently writing for romanceclass2017. See me as I grow as a writer with purpose. It will be out probably on April or October 2017… Let’s see how I plot the story of . . . secret ahaha

I was asked to write a script for a ministry presentation . . . I will try to finish that this week before writing for  the novella.

Happy Anniversary 🙂 ahaha

I am cheering for my buddies as they write for #ProjectFlashPiction again. I might be able to join them soon. Speaking of #ProjectFlashPiction, I will upload the story that I made last October on WattPad. You will be the first to know.

Updates on my latest novellas soon. Yes with s ahaha…

So, will work on my outline because the submission is on DEC 8. Hahaha Panic mode on ahaha

Please pray for me. I need it 🙂


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