#BayongNgKuting : Let me try to write for kids

I thought everything is going to be easier. But writing for kids is a tough challenge. Last MIBF, Mina told us that she would be handling a class based on an award-winning children’s book.  I was so excited that I signed up the moment I saw Mina’s post about it.

We were told that we have to base our story to a book, Bayong Ng Kuting (A Bagful of Kittens) by Mae Astrid Tobias.

I was once a Sunday School teacher and I felt it was time to write for them.

It was hard to write for kids. But the #BayongNgKuting Class and its mentors made it a little easier.

I received my copy of the #BayongNgKuting book one week after the face-to-face class which i regret not attending.

God provided me wisdom to conceptualize a story a day before the submission of the story concept. Yes, He is truly faithful.

I finished my first draft and send it to my buddies, Mark and Yeyet. Then, Yeyet offered me a very advance birthday gift. (SEcret!)  Thank you Yeyet!

I also sent copies to my friends (Thank you!)

I successfully finished and submitted my final manuscript to Mina.

I was so inspired by the author of Bayong Ng Kuting, Mae Astrid Tobias. Her life will always be an inspiration. I want to write more for kids because of her passion.


The Tough Parts of Writing for kids

  • Choice of words. – I think when you are writing for kids, you must choose the right words to let them know your point.  Being a romance author, it was so hard for me. But through the help of God, my friends and family, I finished it.
  • What words can you introduce to kids – Widening children’s vocabulary is a writer’s goal when writing for children. It was so hard for me to select the perfect words to introduce.
  • Choosing the lessons to teach – I love to teach kids about God. That is my ultimate goal. God’s love has been the lesson I imparted to kids. Respect for elders is also a lesson that I include in my story.

I had so much fun in writing for kids. I learn that repeating phrases is important to have retention.

Watch out for the new breed of Cat stories soon. My Cat Story is entitled Cariño And The Three O’Clock Habit.