Christmas Eve Promo

1 day before Christmas!

#romanceclass wants to say Merry Christmas by giving a promo! You can get Make My Wish Come True for only $1.99! It will save you $3.oo! Until DEC 31 2016 ONLY!

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Happy Christmas, Forever is in it! It is a holiday season in the Second Sight to Forever universe! Get it!

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Happy Anniversary #BuqoYA Authors!

Last year, we had a launch party in Greenfield district. #BuqoYA is a workshop sponsored by buqo initiated by Mina V. Esguerra. It generated 5 bundles and standalone novellas.

The buqoYA bundles are the following:

  • buqoYA 1 – Taking Chances
  • buqoYA 2 – Sweet Complications
  • buqoYA 3 – Finding Fairytales
  • buqoYA 4 – Heart Choices
  • buqoYA 5 – Perfect Moments

StandAlone Novellas:

  • Plain Vanilla by Ines Bautista Yao
  • D’01 by Sassy Fova
  • The Offside by KZ Riman
  • What About Today by Dawn Lanuza
  • Fall for Grace by Anne Plaza
  • The Path of Us by Cassandra Javier
  • One Lovely Summer Day by Amae Dechavez
  • A Portrait of Jade by Justine Camacho-Tajonera
  • Second Sight to Forever by Racquel Sarah A. Castro
  • Anything You Want Me To by Audrine Pascal
  • When Cocoy Became Kikay by C.P. Santi
  •  Someone to Care by Jessica E. Larsen
  • The First Time They Met by Ana Valenzuela

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Happy 32

Thank You Lord God for another year! Your gift for me this year is amazing! A Career. The Career I am longing to have. Thank You Father God! Thank You for Jesus! Thank you for my future… 😛 I love you Father God!

Thank you to my family! They keep me going because of their unconditional love. I can really feel it!

Thank you for my schoolmates, friends, and teachers  in Escuela de Valle Verde, Greenville Academy and AMA BInan!

To all my best friends, I am so thankful for you all!

To my JCRBCC Family! I love you all so much!

To Lisa Kingsley and Basics Global, we are so thankful for your concern for Filipinos.

TO VCBA and Hope House Centre! Thank you for the opportunity!

To Buqo, Thank you for the opportunity. Special Mention to John(Alden ng buqo), Maxine, and Ariel

To my bookbed family! Thank you! Keep Reading!

To my future… thank you! Intay ka lang. May tamang panahon na! haha

I thank the Lord for being an author because it is the way of meeting wonderful people like my co-authors in #buqoYA, #sparkNA, #JustWritePH, #heistclub, #writeBreakSongsAbout, and #BayongNgKuting.

Thank you for the friendship guys!

I love you all!

Special mention to our mentors: Mina V. Esguerra, Liana Smith-Bautista

I will be focusing on preparing for my writing class again #romanceclass2016.

I love learning. I have a teachable heart. I love writing. And I love the writers who inspire me to continue. Thank you!

Thank you for the visit Yeyet, Magsi and Mark! I know that our friendship will be forever. (Naks)

What do writers talk about when they were together?

  • The Talk about politics
  • The TV-Script-React thing
  • TV Script scrutinized LOL
  • Small talks about film making
  • Tapis exposure.
  • Anthology possibility
  • Bo0k launch, NBI, PGH ahaha

Heart Heart

Racquel Sarah A. Castro

#RacqAt32 Happy 32nd Birthday to me!

Happy 32nd Birthday to me!
another birthday treat!
Free Ebooks on buqo!
Second Sight to Forever and Encyclopedia Mystique!
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I only have one request. Rate it in GoodReads or buqo whether you love or hate it.
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Heart Heart

Racquel Sarah A. Castro

Gratefulness Overload

Thank you Father God!

Today, I am so overwhelmed!

  • HeistClub Bundles Go Live on buqo!
  • HeistClub on Top Charts!
  • Ground Volunteering for Basics Global
  • 75th birthday of Inay
  • Submitted manuscript for another opportunity
  • Submitted manuscript for #BayongNgKuting
  • Dux’s New Career Path
  • An unexpected Blessing!
  • Visited a bookstore!
  • Our mentor, Mina, for opening a lot of opportunities for us
  • Start focusing for #romanceclass2016
  • Yeyet has always been there to help
  • Tin spent time reading and correcting my MS
  • Amae and Mark suggested what i could improve in my story
  • Magsi is my night buddy.
  • My JustWritePH, BuqoYA, SparkNA, HeistClub, BayongNgKuting,WriteBreakUpSongsAbout Classmates!

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Productive Year 2015

2015 - Books


When Fate Speaks Big Time

It is the world of Information Technology and Software Testing that Reese Sophia Castillo, a witty geek with mild cerebral palsy, is into. Observe how her optimism and her relationship with God really help her survive the daily judgments of the people around her. Every Juliet has her Romeo. True love waits for the right time. As far as Reese’s concern, she waited for the small box man for almost 9 years. But upon hearing that the man will be engaged, her trust was shaken. Take a glimpse on how fate will speak big time. Is God providing better options?

  • Nominated in the 2015 Virtue Christian Book Awards – Christian Fiction Category

Second Sight to Forever

Sasha Salazar, a passionate A-Girls dancer, met her ‘crush-at-first-sight’ in the stairway of Escuela de Rojo. She ignored him because she was still into Norman Gil. The second sight at the EDR’s rooftop began the daily rooftop moments (RTMs) of Sasha with the famous basketball varsity player, Joshua Bonifacio. Take a glimpse on how their relationship bloomed as they both found out the spy.

Encyclopedia Mystique

Amelia Agustin is a digital converter in the National Library of the Philippines by day and a digital artist by night. At 24, she supports Filipino Authors by buying and reading their works. She rates the books honestly but she didn’t have the courage to write a review. She has this habit of doing digital art inspired by her favorite scenes. She loves to go to Korea to visit Incheon, the newly proclaimed book capital of the world. She admires Jay Diaz, a popular newscaster/bachelor in town. Serendipity pulls them together in an embarrassing incident. Take a glimpse on where their relationship would go.

EBook Bundles

BuqoYA 1 – Taking Chances

Whether looking for closure, proving their worth, or wondering what happens after a moonlit night, the characters from these stories will invite you to take a chance for love. Will they find what they’re looking for? Or will their hearts get broken? Step into their shoes and find out.

JustWritePH – For Redemption

In “Just Write for Redemption,” the characters have a chance to right previous wrongs and redeem themselves. These stories don’t necessarily come from one particular genre.

Redemption doesn’t come easy. It involves hardship, righting wrongs, and making tough choices. This four-story bundle showcases characters who made wrong turns in life, and want nothing more than to make things right.