A Productive 2015

Icare and Socks for tots

We are a ground v0lunteer for Basics Global. This year, we have two projects with them. ICare is a project with EyeQ Opticals. They provided reading glasses for Filipinos. Socks for tots is a project with Bounce Middle East. The company provided socks for Filipinos.


  • Release of When Fate Speaks Big Time
  • BuqoYA Class
  • Friendship with the authors
  • Friendship with Kaith (my pretty editor)


  • BuqoYA class
  • Survey with JCRBCC’s Youth Ministry
  • I turned 31 on Feb 8.
  • Submitted the buqoYA story


  • JCRBCC’S 27th Anniversary
  • Signed up for #SparkNA class
  • Submitted the final manuscript plus book cover
  • Youth-YA Acoustic Night


  • Start of #SparkNA class
  • Release of BuqoYA 1 – Taking Chances
  • BuqoYA Blog Tour
  • Friendship with Anne, Kristel, Krissy, Liana, Fay, AC, Justine, Six, Raffy, Kaye, Jen, and other buqoYA authors


  • BuqoYA Blog Tour
  • SparkNA class
  • Vacation with the family (Pangasinan-Baguio-Benguet)
  • Daily Vacation Bible School (Sunday School Ministry)
  • Friendship with #sparkNA classmates like Tara, Chi, terese, criselda


  • Submitted my SparkNA story
  • Rei’s Bridal shower
  • Mark and Rei’s Wedding
  • Submitted my BuqoYA story for standalone novel
  • MoreLoveInPH by Romance Writers of the Philippines
  • Release of Second Sight to Forever (buqoYA story)
  • Crazy me to search for my name in Google and found out that my first novel has been nominated. When Fate Speaks Big Time was a nominee in the Virtue Christian Book Awards – Christian Fiction Category.


  • CampNanoWriMo
  • JustWritePH class by PinoyWriMos
  • July 6 and 7 feature on Virtue Christian Book Awards
  • Bookbed.org posted my first article.


  • Writing my Autobiography which will be release March 2016
  • Release of JustWritePH-For Redemption


  • Attended my first MIBF (Manila International Book Fair)
  • Friendship with Yeyet, Niki, and Jesse
  • Friendship with Rulers of Spade and Wasabi Warriors (RAWR!)
  • Friendship with Magsi, Kim, Loid, Pau, Mark, Mike, and Beth.
  • Planning for YA Ministry
  • Facebook Party JustWritePH
  • JustWritePH Blog Tour


  • HeistClub Online Class
  • World CP Day: I am here
  • Best Nanay Awards Night


  • HeistClub Online Class
  • HeistClub Submission of Final Manuscript
  • #WriteBreakupSongsAbout


  • Submitted the Encyclopedia Mystique for JustWritePH Standalone
  • Release of Encyclopedia Mystique Standalone
  • buqo25DaysofChristmas promo Day 7
  • JCRBCC’s Family Night
  • Engagement of my dear Sister, Ken
  • I am found? LOL



November Bliss+Welcome December

I started my November in  San Pablo City to visit our departed love ones. I arrived in Binan by November 2 and started my Nanowrimo novel with 200 words from my San Pablo trip.

I submitted my first Crime story last November 5. After a few days (Nov. 11 to be exact), we received the final list of #HeistClub finishers. It will be out on January.

After 28 days of writing intensely, I thank God for giving me strength to write a 50,620 word novel for one month. I thought I could not make it but I did. In the midst of giving up, I have my family and friends to boost  me to continue. I thank the Lord for giving me wisdom.


The second one is a good news from Hope House Centre. It’s a secret for now. If you cannot wait until march, Limited Paperback copies of The Real Me is currently available in http://www.shophopehouse.com/products/the-real-me

Instructions on how to buy: https://racquelsarah.wordpress.com/2015/11/17/how-to-buy-the-real-me/

The third one: Aside from Nanowrimo, I submitted a thing to Ms. Mina for a thing. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s128/sh/87c8195d-baf5-450b-896c-55e711813ff4/e485ce391341d14311abae139731e5f9

We also attended a community feeding program that is organized by our homeowners association.

Hello December . . .

  • Dux’s birthday is coming up on December 5.
  • Holiday Gatherings
  • Happy Birthday Jesus Christ!
  • Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂