#ProjectFlashPiction1016 :Feedback please? #PFP #PFP1016

Last year, I joined ProjectFlashPiction where we wrote a story based on pictures.

Day 1 to 31 Pictures

#ProjectFlashPiction 1016

Racquel Sarah A. Castro

Day Photo by
1 Romanceclassbooks
2 Romanceclassbooks
3 Arlene Manocot
4 Georgette Gonzales
5 Romanceclassbooks
6 Tara Frejas
7 Mina V. Esguerra
8 Mina V. Esguerra
9 Romanceclassbooks
10 Romanceclassbooks
11 Romanceclassbooks
12 Romanceclassbooks
13 Romanceclassbooks
14 Racquel Sarah A. Castro
15 Romanceclassbooks
16 Romanceclassbooks
17 Ana Valenzuela
18 Tara Frejas
19 Romanceclassbooks
20 Romanceclassbooks
21 Mina V. Esguerra
22 Romanceclassbooks
23 Mina V. Esguerra
24 Ana Valenzuela
25 Romanceclassbooks
26 Bookbed
27 Bookbed
28 Romanceclassbooks
29 Romanceclassbooks
30 Romanceclassbooks
31 Jasmine Pinugu

Can you tell me if you like the story or not?



#ProjectFlashPiction 1016: Day 1 to 7

I just want to share the story that I made for #ProjectFlashPiction.

What is ProjectFlashPiction?

Started in December 2015, #ProjectFlashPiction is an everyday writing project based on pictures. All stories here are posted as they were written—raw and unedited. I hope you enjoy these stories as I have enjoyed seeing them flash in my head. Thank you for reading!

Read all stories here: bit.ly/projectflashpiction

I based my story on MIBF2016 pictures. It is a great way to promote Indie Authors and their works.

Here is my #PFP1016 Story.

Day 1 to 7 . . .

I glance at my watch. It is almost 18 days before the #ALLTHEFEELS. If I can attend that, maybe I could meet my forever. Yes, I am not crazy. I am positive enough that I can meet my future Boyfriend there.

Books, books and more books . . . I budgetted for food and books. My money goes to you. I plan to get at least 10 books at the MIBF. I don’t know what books. Maybe go INDIE!

Currently, I am re-reading That Kind of Guy by Mina V. Esguerra. Well, I am fond of reading Filipino authored works. It is my way of preparing myself for my future lovelife with a hope that as what Mina said, “DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY!

I saved 2,000 for the 37th Manila International Book Fair . Well, I still have book budget per month. Plus bank savings from my day job as a hotel’s food sculptor. Yes, I love art! I was supposed to be an architect. The love for books? I got it from one of my ninangs.

RISK! That’s what I will do. HeistClub Titles for the win! I am . . . or I will grab them all because of 3 reasons:

  1. I love crime fiction as much as romance.
  2. Filipino authors needs support.
  3. I want to write and meet all the authors.

But first let me do my job to finance my MIBF2016 adventure.

I want to go to MIBF on the first day of the event. Even if I want to be there, I still have work to do; curving each fruit and vegetable is a tough job. I have the whole Sunday to meet Mina and the entire romanceclass gang.

10 days to go . . .

The romance guru, Mina V. Esguerra, has posted books. I will surely get all of them. The reason for it is it was recommended by one of my FAVE authors. Yay! So, good luck wallet! You will be empty!


My ProjectFlashPiction Images and Story

Racquel Sarah’s Project Flash Piction