Stop The Power of Stigma #GreenRibbonCampaign #cerebralpalsy

I was moved by what we are… PWD? Disabled? A girl living with cerebral palsy rode on a jeep. The passengers judged her that she could not understand everything. The innocent looks at her eyes were looking at them; one of them laughed, others were questioning through their eyes, but a man helped her. The girl spoke to her mom. Her mom and grandma were just ignoring the stigma of a cruel society we are all in.

#REALTALK That girl is obviously me 🙂 By the grace of God, I handle every judgments very well. Thank you for the patience Father God!

What is a stigma?

a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.

Help me in telling people about cerebral palsy.  Help me eradicate the stigma of being a PWD. We are not Persons with disability… we are persons with different abilities… we are able . . . we are special . . . we are the people who needs your compassion not your pity. we are the people who needs your understanding not your judgment. we are God’s workmanship too… so help instead of laughter . . . love instead of cruelty . . . care instead of gossips.

We are Persons with different Abilities . . . we need your understanding, care, and love.

Stop the stigma against Cerebral Palsy…

Stop the stigma against AD/HD, Down Syndrome, HIV Patients, Blind, Mute, Deaf . . . disabilities!

we need your help! Help us stop the stigma!

God bless you!

I love my work #GoForwardBinanFoundation

It had been a surprise seeing me working in a real office with real office mates. It was surreal but I enjoyed the pressure of capturing the smiles of those people. Go Forward Biñan Foundation is a non-profit organization that catered the needs of every Biñanense.

I enjoyed the company of new friends too. I hope I could encourage them in every way I can. I considered them  family. 🙂

In the span of two weeks, I was part of:

  • Distribution of Tricycle-Type Wheelchairs
  • Pre-elementary Graduation ceremonies
  • Assessing a SPED school
  • Gatecrashed another department’s birthday party LOL

Thank You, Father for giving me the opportunity to experience employment 🙂 Thank You for the crossroad with Ms. Des Dimaguila. Thank You Father God for another field to sow! You gave me a very nice birthday gift even though its one month late . . . Your clock is always on time. I know I know.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Des for making all of these possible. I thank the Lord for your life. It is truly an inspiration.

I got to know more of my officemates (sounds legit! because it is legit!) We had bonding sessions during lunch breaks and coffee breaks.

Like us on Facebook:

To God be the glory!

Be blessed by being a blessing to others. 🙂

A Productive 2015

Icare and Socks for tots

We are a ground v0lunteer for Basics Global. This year, we have two projects with them. ICare is a project with EyeQ Opticals. They provided reading glasses for Filipinos. Socks for tots is a project with Bounce Middle East. The company provided socks for Filipinos.


  • Release of When Fate Speaks Big Time
  • BuqoYA Class
  • Friendship with the authors
  • Friendship with Kaith (my pretty editor)


  • BuqoYA class
  • Survey with JCRBCC’s Youth Ministry
  • I turned 31 on Feb 8.
  • Submitted the buqoYA story


  • JCRBCC’S 27th Anniversary
  • Signed up for #SparkNA class
  • Submitted the final manuscript plus book cover
  • Youth-YA Acoustic Night


  • Start of #SparkNA class
  • Release of BuqoYA 1 – Taking Chances
  • BuqoYA Blog Tour
  • Friendship with Anne, Kristel, Krissy, Liana, Fay, AC, Justine, Six, Raffy, Kaye, Jen, and other buqoYA authors


  • BuqoYA Blog Tour
  • SparkNA class
  • Vacation with the family (Pangasinan-Baguio-Benguet)
  • Daily Vacation Bible School (Sunday School Ministry)
  • Friendship with #sparkNA classmates like Tara, Chi, terese, criselda


  • Submitted my SparkNA story
  • Rei’s Bridal shower
  • Mark and Rei’s Wedding
  • Submitted my BuqoYA story for standalone novel
  • MoreLoveInPH by Romance Writers of the Philippines
  • Release of Second Sight to Forever (buqoYA story)
  • Crazy me to search for my name in Google and found out that my first novel has been nominated. When Fate Speaks Big Time was a nominee in the Virtue Christian Book Awards – Christian Fiction Category.


  • CampNanoWriMo
  • JustWritePH class by PinoyWriMos
  • July 6 and 7 feature on Virtue Christian Book Awards
  • posted my first article.


  • Writing my Autobiography which will be release March 2016
  • Release of JustWritePH-For Redemption


  • Attended my first MIBF (Manila International Book Fair)
  • Friendship with Yeyet, Niki, and Jesse
  • Friendship with Rulers of Spade and Wasabi Warriors (RAWR!)
  • Friendship with Magsi, Kim, Loid, Pau, Mark, Mike, and Beth.
  • Planning for YA Ministry
  • Facebook Party JustWritePH
  • JustWritePH Blog Tour


  • HeistClub Online Class
  • World CP Day: I am here
  • Best Nanay Awards Night


  • HeistClub Online Class
  • HeistClub Submission of Final Manuscript
  • #WriteBreakupSongsAbout


  • Submitted the Encyclopedia Mystique for JustWritePH Standalone
  • Release of Encyclopedia Mystique Standalone
  • buqo25DaysofChristmas promo Day 7
  • JCRBCC’s Family Night
  • Engagement of my dear Sister, Ken
  • I am found? LOL


Green Ribb0n Campaign: Encouragement

2016 Theme: All you need is encouragement

I might be busy next year but I will commit one day to encourage people more. Kicking off this December, I will post my struggles and how God turns that struggle into blessings.


Week One: Love life

Week Two: God’s Will Prevails

Week Three: Handling Judgments

Week Four: Be an encouragement

In this way, I could minister to you who are reading my write-ups here.

Week One: Love life

For those who know me very well, they will agree that this topic is for week one. (Yes? or No?)

I am single but I have dream of being loved in return. (#hugot?)  I have my plans but God has better plans. (I cannot contest to Him.)  If you read my novel, When Fate Speaks Big Time, you will have a taste of my dream love life. An IT manager met a dashing prince charming that will offer her the world. But why am I still single?

God just wants to test my patience? God wants me to explore the world more?

Well, in Ecclesiastes 3:1, He Kept on reminding me . . . There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.

But why am I being impatient? If God promises all His children that there is time for everything.

We tend to forget that promise. We tend to rely on ourselves . . . and when we rely on ourselves, we do what we ought to do first. DO OUR OWN WILL. COMPROMISE. Then what? We faced  several CONSEQUENCES that is the result of our DISOBEDIENCE.

I believe in His promise that He will give me the LOVE I expected. But He will put me to certain circumstance  that will bend my CONFIDENCE. But He reassures me  in Ecclesiastes 3: 11, He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

As I wait for my ever after, I will write love stories that will inspire people to wait for the RIGHT TIME to do God’s plan for their lives.

Heart Heart

Racquel Sarah A. Castro




Thank you Hope House Centre

I will be forever grateful for making my dreams come true. Your efforts mean a lot to me. The trust you have given me is my driving force to write more.

I am praying for your institution to prosper because you have a good heart to share your time, effort, and money to a new author like me.

Thank you to Virtue Christian Book Awards for being the bridge. Keep Reading

Blessings come when I needed it the most

Listing it on secret codes for the mean time.

  • Words words words
  • Filipiniana Rampa (Haha)
  • M. Notes
  • The Real Me
  • JustWritePH 2nd monthsary
  • Muling Ibalik?
  • Concert
  • YA
  • Release Galileo
  • A No from God is a blessing in disguise.

The main reason why i didn’t join #Strangelit is this:

Photos by: Christine Castro  Book cover designed by: Hope House Centre
Photos by: Christine Castro
Book cover designed by: Hope House Centre

The entire August, I spent mostly on writing. #secret (now revealed). It will be out soon! Endless gratitude to God, Hope House Centre, Virtue Christian Book Awards, my family and friends.

Another blessing is Amae de Chavez . . . Thanks sis for the comments. Heart Heart

Sent it to my editor/very talented sister . . . Christine Castro ❤ since Kaith is busy ❤ I love you Kaithy :*

Hoping and praying that I can support my sisters in writing by attending to #strangelit launch on Oct 24. Yeyet, Amae, Justine, Krissy, Tara, Carla, Chi, Therese, Ysa, Chrissie, Anne, and Kaith. Good news sissies! I signed up for the blog tour! I hope I can be there at the launch!

I Am Here . . . Hear Me Out

WCPD_FB_Cover 2015_withlogoWhy am I different? Why am I not like any other lady? Do I have the right to fall in love?

October 7 – World CP Day

In Celebration of the World Cerebral Palsy Day, I want to hear from you. I will compile it.

When you meet me, do you know I have Cerebral Palsy? What are your unspoken questions? Do I inspire you in any way?

Share it to me in this page or in my Facebook/Twitter account.

Why do we met? Do I fulfill my purpose in your life?

To share God’s goodness is one of my purposes in life. Another is to share my life through my books. I think I am born to encourage people. I also have the heart of bringing the cerebral palsy be known.

Yes. We are different. But we can do what you do. we can if we get equal opportunity to do it.

RACQ Says:

To those people who love me, Thank you.

To those who judge me, God bless you

TO those I inspire, You can do better.

To those I love, You know who you are.

To the man who will give his heart to me, Take your time.

To my family, Thank you for the support. I love you.

To God, Thank you for making me different!