Stop The Power of Stigma #GreenRibbonCampaign #cerebralpalsy

I was moved by what we are… PWD? Disabled? A girl living with cerebral palsy rode on a jeep. The passengers judged her that she could not understand everything. The innocent looks at her eyes were looking at them; one of them laughed, others were questioning through their eyes, but a man helped her. The girl spoke to her mom. Her mom and grandma were just ignoring the stigma of a cruel society we are all in.

#REALTALK That girl is obviously me 🙂 By the grace of God, I handle every judgments very well. Thank you for the patience Father God!

What is a stigma?

a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.

Help me in telling people about cerebral palsy.  Help me eradicate the stigma of being a PWD. We are not Persons with disability… we are persons with different abilities… we are able . . . we are special . . . we are the people who needs your compassion not your pity. we are the people who needs your understanding not your judgment. we are God’s workmanship too… so help instead of laughter . . . love instead of cruelty . . . care instead of gossips.

We are Persons with different Abilities . . . we need your understanding, care, and love.

Stop the stigma against Cerebral Palsy…

Stop the stigma against AD/HD, Down Syndrome, HIV Patients, Blind, Mute, Deaf . . . disabilities!

we need your help! Help us stop the stigma!

God bless you!

I love my work #GoForwardBinanFoundation

It had been a surprise seeing me working in a real office with real office mates. It was surreal but I enjoyed the pressure of capturing the smiles of those people. Go Forward Biñan Foundation is a non-profit organization that catered the needs of every Biñanense.

I enjoyed the company of new friends too. I hope I could encourage them in every way I can. I considered them  family. 🙂

In the span of two weeks, I was part of:

  • Distribution of Tricycle-Type Wheelchairs
  • Pre-elementary Graduation ceremonies
  • Assessing a SPED school
  • Gatecrashed another department’s birthday party LOL

Thank You, Father for giving me the opportunity to experience employment 🙂 Thank You for the crossroad with Ms. Des Dimaguila. Thank You Father God for another field to sow! You gave me a very nice birthday gift even though its one month late . . . Your clock is always on time. I know I know.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Des for making all of these possible. I thank the Lord for your life. It is truly an inspiration.

I got to know more of my officemates (sounds legit! because it is legit!) We had bonding sessions during lunch breaks and coffee breaks.

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To God be the glory!

Be blessed by being a blessing to others. 🙂

Divine Appointment with Mrs. Des Dimaguila: Meeting A Woman of Substance

Supposedly, I was just in the municipal hall to get my PWD ID before we go to PCSO to submit the requirement for Dad; but the Lord had other plans for me and my mom. We were about to go out from the PWD office when I saw a sophisticated lady looking at me; she stared at me and asked me several questions which led to a job, a volunteer work which I prayed for. So, she offered me to write for her; I grabbed the opportunity right away because I wanted to help the community especially the people with disabilities residing in Binan. Afterwards, I saw myself in a desk of GAD Office.

I think, the Lord worked in our meeting because they needed a writer. To cut the story short, I started a real job today!

I met new friends too; Echo, JN, Ruv and many more. Yay!

But wait, there’s more . . . I was about to be interviewed for the said position but we have to go to a school in Sto Domingo with Ms. Des, Ruv, JN, Echo, and my ever supportive mom!

We assessed what SPED schools need. And that I really enjoyed. Having been in a SPED classroom with SPED kids amazed me; it’s really a divine appointment.

I want to thank Ms. Des for the trust she gave me. It’s really something to look forward to.

We met people by chance; or it could be God’s perfect time for another work to do, missions. To God be the glory!






#ProjectFlashPiction1016 :Feedback please? #PFP #PFP1016

Last year, I joined ProjectFlashPiction where we wrote a story based on pictures.

Day 1 to 31 Pictures

#ProjectFlashPiction 1016

Racquel Sarah A. Castro

Day Photo by
1 Romanceclassbooks
2 Romanceclassbooks
3 Arlene Manocot
4 Georgette Gonzales
5 Romanceclassbooks
6 Tara Frejas
7 Mina V. Esguerra
8 Mina V. Esguerra
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14 Racquel Sarah A. Castro
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17 Ana Valenzuela
18 Tara Frejas
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21 Mina V. Esguerra
22 Romanceclassbooks
23 Mina V. Esguerra
24 Ana Valenzuela
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26 Bookbed
27 Bookbed
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30 Romanceclassbooks
31 Jasmine Pinugu

Can you tell me if you like the story or not?

GOD’s Faithfulness in 2016: Last Year’s Highlights

God has been so good to our family. Even though we faced the biggest struggle ever, God pulled us through. we are continually thanking Him for His provisions, blessings, and even testings in our daily lives.


  • Release of #HeistClub bundles
  • #BayongNgKuting Class
  • Inay’s (My Grandma) 75th Birthday
  • Ground Volunteering for Basics Global
  • Attended Ate Jackie and Pastor Robin’s Renewal of Vows (KILIG)


  • RomanceClass2016: You’re In!
  • Racqui at 32
  • Birthday with writing squad
  • Birthday with family
  • Birthday with best friend Andrea
  • Ground Volunteering continues


  • #romanceclass2016 writing




  • Finished my romanceclass2016 novella, Styling Serendipity
  • Planning for #heistclub launch
  • Mother’s  Day Special: Yan ang morning


  • HeistClub The Launch
  • Met my beshie here too naks ahaha


  • Guest Post in Fay’s blog
  • HeistClub Blog Tour


  • Remembering Muy, choy, and Kishy *missing our babies*
  • Pamamanhikan ayeeeeee
  • Became a BlogEx Finalist
  • My Blog Project: #BuwanNgAkdangPinoy (Featuring Filipino Authors)


  • Goal Unlocked: MIBF 2016!
  • The Big Struggle: Dad’s hospitalization
  • Hi Stitch!


  • World CP Day
  • Featured in World CP Day FB Page!
  • WhichCraft Article
  • HeistClub Authors PH visited Craft Central
  • Feature: Ang Paborito Kong Guro
  • Romanceclass FeelsFest
  • Pic with GIO!
  • Styling Serendipity Print and eBook release
  • ProjectFlashPiction 1016!


  • Styling Serendipity Promo
  • Crossroads Concert


  • One Year HAHA secret!
  • Make My Wish Come True eBook and Print Release
  • 12/26/2016 MISSION

Greatest Gift Claimed! 12/26/2016 Mission

I was invited to an outreach and the Lord has been so good that he found a way to have it done. Every crossroad is a divine appointment. No accidents.

I was told that I would speak for the glory of God. But geez, I felt my nerves calling me. I grabbed the opportunity and said my yes to ate Connie. she is a missionary based on Singapore. She told me that she would be having a mission in their church, GKMC. I spoke to this church already. I pray that I could be like her in the near future.

The glory of God has seen through her missions. God has been using her to share His provisions to the needy.

As soon as I enter the church, I observed the kids; they have curious stares on me. I waved at them in return. I did the PABEBE WAVE AHAHA. Some kids smiled; some kids were very curious about my situation. Some really took courage to ask for my name.

I remember a kid asking my mom what happen to me?  We started our mission; proclaiming the goodness of my Father  God through Jesus. As a shy writer, I only observed them; smiling at the same time.


They seemed to love me as soon as they know my story. I was so overwhelmed. The kids were so willing when we requested for photos with them.


A mother came to us. She shared her testimony on how God has help her in her situation. I realized that sin cannot be a hindrance for God to pour blessings after blessings. But we must take a leap of faith and acknowledge our fault . Be humble enough to say sorry.


My heart leaped into so much joy when they prayed the prayer of Salvation. They claimed the greatest GIFT EVER WRAPPED, JESUS CHRIST!

I had a chance to explain to them what i’ve been doing by Mom’s help. Thanks Mommy!


We also met a Mom who has a cerebral palsy child. She said to us that she is not sending her child to school. we encouraged her to do that. I remember what Mom told her: Parents have this responsibility to pour love to their children. You have to equip them for them to have a weapon in life.

The mission is over;



While they were fixing the chairs, we mingled with these fellow believers. One of them bought a book 🙂


I Thought It ended there. But wait there’s more!

we followed Ate Connie’s van; they were sharing packs of lunch to beggars, security guards and other vendors. I remember our missions through the help of Basics Global!

we celebrated Ate connie’s bday and have a meaningful fellowship. But she gave me a very nice gift; a very  long prayer for healing. It has been so unexplained how i felt that time. i felt so light; i ran and walked freely.

Thank you for the prayer ate! I will always be grateful that the Lord Jesus opened my eyes into endless possibilities like traveling abroad. 🙂