Squad Goals: Dedicated to all my bestfriends

  • Father God: Even I’m stubborn, You are faithful. Thank you, Father God.
  • Mom: I have a confession to make. I have new crushes ahaha
  • INay: We always laugh whenever we watch TV.
  • Mama Lelen: Thank you for everything. I have new crushes ahaha
  • Tin, Dux, Ken, Pipo: Yihie kakasal na yung isa sa atin 🙂 I thank God for all of you. Babawi na lang ako sa inyo soon 🙂 hihi Happy birthday tin.
  • Bes Andrea: Thanks for reading all my rants on FB. Congrats kay Kikay!
  • Vic, Rei, Kim, Marvin, Jing, and Kokai: I love you all. Thanks for always listening.
  • Yet: I love you sis. You have been an Ate I never had. Thank you.
  • Magsi, mike, Lyber, Mark, Pau: Yun naman ahaha i love you all or should i say labuyo ahaha. Thanks for the friendship
  • #romanceclass community especially to Mina: Thank you for all your support
  • Anne, Tara, Jen, Six, Jesse, Gette: Thank you for all your encouragements.
  • AC, Cassie, Amae, Kim (leemiyaki), caryn, kristel: miss ko na kayo.  (Busy lola nyo e ahaha)
  • Beth and Yet: Kaya natin to. Let’s finish the novella! ahaha
  • A: Thanks for the ideas . . . You’re one of the best consultant (Yeah smile na yan ahaha)
  • Helena: I miss you sis so badly! we will talk soon 🙂 haha
  • Cris: Thanks for the article.
  • Youth of JCRBCC:I love you all. You are all my Bebe right?
  • twelve twelve: Naks we will get there haha parang si rain lang ahaha Fall like rain ang peg ahaha (i hope)

I miss my  friends:

  • I miss Ren, Candy, Marty, Mark, Will, Madz, Mai, Ems, Glen, Jeng.
  • I miss LOvely, Verna, Krishna, Chie, Aylla and Mayie
  • I miss Vernessa (ging)
  • I miss ate Owen, Arvin (vinny), yens, audz, rasha, kuya jem 1 and 2, Kuya red, melo, kuya kris, ian, Archielito, totep, rai
  • I miss tropang Ama Binan
  • I miss my  classmates in elementary and HS.

Yes I have many friends i treasure…

If i forget you, i am sorry.


Happy 32

Thank You Lord God for another year! Your gift for me this year is amazing! A Career. The Career I am longing to have. Thank You Father God! Thank You for Jesus! Thank you for my future… 😛 I love you Father God!

Thank you to my family! They keep me going because of their unconditional love. I can really feel it!

Thank you for my schoolmates, friends, and teachers  in Escuela de Valle Verde, Greenville Academy and AMA BInan!

To all my best friends, I am so thankful for you all!

To my JCRBCC Family! I love you all so much!

To Lisa Kingsley and Basics Global, we are so thankful for your concern for Filipinos.

TO VCBA and Hope House Centre! Thank you for the opportunity!

To Buqo, Thank you for the opportunity. Special Mention to John(Alden ng buqo), Maxine, and Ariel

To my bookbed family! Thank you! Keep Reading!

To my future… thank you! Intay ka lang. May tamang panahon na! haha

I thank the Lord for being an author because it is the way of meeting wonderful people like my co-authors in #buqoYA, #sparkNA, #JustWritePH, #heistclub, #writeBreakSongsAbout, and #BayongNgKuting.

Thank you for the friendship guys!

I love you all!

Special mention to our mentors: Mina V. Esguerra, Liana Smith-Bautista

I will be focusing on preparing for my writing class again #romanceclass2016.

I love learning. I have a teachable heart. I love writing. And I love the writers who inspire me to continue. Thank you!

Thank you for the visit Yeyet, Magsi and Mark! I know that our friendship will be forever. (Naks)

What do writers talk about when they were together?

  • The Talk about politics
  • The TV-Script-React thing
  • TV Script scrutinized LOL
  • Small talks about film making
  • Tapis exposure.
  • Anthology possibility
  • Bo0k launch, NBI, PGH ahaha

Heart Heart

Racquel Sarah A. Castro

#RacqAt32 Happy 32nd Birthday to me!

Happy 32nd Birthday to me!
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Heart Heart

Racquel Sarah A. Castro