From Bliss to Continuous Battle

Dad has been suffering from Chronic Kidney Failure. He started his dialysis merely two years ago. I know we had financial struggles but through the help of kind-hearted people, we breakthrough that. Last year, merely July, we started paying in cash because Philhealth covered 90 sessions only. The fact that Dad had been hospitalized, the 90 sessions were reduced.

Dialysis is life. We just accepted and turned to a solution. We have to have 10K per week. That doesn’t include injections, medicines and other expenses.

I started wondering what can I do to make it a lessen burden for my parents. I enrolled in Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training. I participated in the first Hack4PH through RIS.

We, MOM, Ate Sheng and I, conceptualized ways for fundraising not just for Dad but for the Dialysis patients of B-Braun Dialysis Center for the meantime. IT WILL BE LAUNCHED SOON. I hope everyone can support and participate in this kind of cause.

I guess this is the start of a long time advocacy for Dialysis Patients.

With dialysis, there is life beyond the disease!



#Racqui_Says: #FeelsFest2017 Recap

Usually, Mama Lelen and Inay were my constant companions during literary events but this time, I enjoyed being with my HS best friend, Andrea (Iza Calzado) hehe. We arrived just in time. Like 2-4 minutes before 2PM. ahaha sorry! Traffic. We (Aeus, Yeyet and I) were supposed to have lunch but it ended up a hi-goodbye thing. Haha Bawi ako sa susunod. (I will make it up next time) ahaha. we got selfie before A leaves ahaha

Well, I enjoyed at Commune… why?

  1. Got to launch my autobiography there! It’s like a dream come true for me to share my story to the live readers and the rest of the romanceclass community as well.
  2. I got to meet Kaith(finally!), Rix, and Yeyet… my editors!
  3. I got UNLI hugs from GIO GAHOL! ahaha and the words from him after the event is love! ahaha
  4. Spent time with my fave people! Romance class community!
  5. 2 of my books were sold! That’s a blessing!
  6. Happy birthday MINA!!!! Yes, we were able to surprise her for a change.
  7. But she made bawi ahaha THE STAGED AND THE KISS! I am not prepared at all… I was like staring while holding my heart ahaha I want to faint  sana ahaha kaso I cant ahaha
  8. Spent time with JOHANNA! FINALLY! I think she surprised us ahaha
  9. The most exciting part is the reading from Yeyet… My words . . . Her voice!
  10. Share your blessings. I gave loot bags for those who helped me in promoting A Triumphant Detour . . .
  11. The International authors!

I just want to take this time to thank the romanceclass community for the acceptance. I may not be able to go to our gatherings as often as it should be but you will be in my heart forever!

To the live readers, thank you for all the feels. See you soon! Take care!

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