Excerpt: Second Sight to Forever

From Chapter 18

At the first week of January, the Salazar family went back from Hong Kong. While unpacking, Daniel took a deep breath before uttering a word to Ayie. He admitted who the spy was.


“What?” Ayie displayed dismay on her husband. “What are you thinking? Is that why you are so generous to Sasha? You have done something so bad, honey. She will feel betrayed.”


“I know, I know . . .” Daniel sighed while Ayie walked out on him.




RTM – First Day of School after the Christmas vacation


“I heard that mom already know who Dad’s spy is.” Sasha talked to Joshua.


“I have something to tell you . . .” Joshua got so neurotic that she assumed he was the spy.


“You are the spy!” She slapped him and walked away.


Joshua whispered, “I just want to say I love you.” He wept and thought he wouldn’t have a chance to say what he felt for her.


From that day, he spent RTM alone. Being without the other half of the SJ Duo was the hardest thing for him. He tried to focus on his studies so that he could have a chance to be the class valedictorian.


Joshua tried to reach out to Sasha but she ignored his text messages. Week 2, Ryan invited Joshua to join them for the quarterly study group session but he refused.


Sasha talked to him to return the toy ring and the bracelet. She focused her time studying at the rooftop away from Joshua. Joshua was on the other side and just loved in a distance.